Cheap Hotels around the Rio?

Trying to head to Evo, problem is I am on a small budget.

Anyone know of cheap hotels around the Rio? Preferably those that doesn’t look too beat up.

EDIT: I guess I should keep a list of recommended hotels that are cheap around Evo

Gold Coast
Palace Station

Have a car? I like Palace Station. Tower rooms are quite nice and it’s cheap

Yea I got a car, its no problem.

How far is Palace Station?

Try the Gold Coast. It’s literally 3-4 minutes walk away. All you have to do is cross the parking lot.

Last time evo was at the rio, I got in late so I had to stay at the gold coast, nice and cheap.

Gold coast has rates right now for all 4 nights for 254$. If you would have posted this sooner, i could have gave you a discount code that gives you 30% off your total cost. I stayed at the gold coast my first evo and paid 80-100$ for all 4 nights. I will be staying there again since the i got the rate so cheap. Last year I stayed at imperial palace and paid 80$ for all 4 nights. I hunt down cheap deals cause every dollar in vegas counts. Hope this helps you and everyone out.

imperial palace is shit though

I will have to look into going to the Gold Coast then. Sounds like a sweet spot.

Anyone else staying at the Gold Coast? I plan on booking a room there, prices are pretty cheap compared to the Rio.

I booked the Palace Station for 4 guests for 4 nights on the 28th through the 1st. I’ve already paid 352, but I’m unsure of the fees and I have questions for Palace Station users.

This $100 per stay. Is it stay, as in stay per night, which would be $400?
And does this fee apply to one person or my group?

and this one too. 1 or group?

Gold coast is the closest hotel to the Rio. Another place not to far is the Orleans as well. Check their rates out.

I’m going to Paris with the gf. Cost quite a bit also, but it’s still cheaper then the Rio :slight_smile: . But circus circus is cheap. Get a roomate mang :slight_smile:

My suggestion to anyone that hasn’t already booked and will have access to a car is to use Hotwire…it’s super cheap, and virtually all of the major hotels in Valley are 20 minutes or less from the Rio. Just read the customer reviews to make sure you don’t end up staying somewhere horrible, like Imperial Palace or Circus Circus (shudders).

Yeah stay away from imperial palace.

check this out

I know this is off topic but is anyone looking to share a room? I’m going to EVO but I’m trying to find shared rooming to cut some expense. I’m willing to pay my portion, and I’m a clean individual.