Cheap low tier Morrigan/tron



this bitch is the magneto of the low tier.

I just thought i’d make a thread for some of the fun stuff you can do with her.

fp throw into tron works

light attack,tron+fk or fp, either super = 85% life

her fk is her best cross-up, turns around hella fast

tri-jump lp is good for overhead set-ups

morrigan/ rogue or sakura/ tron

pretty nasty!

I’ll get some new stuff later!

Edit: i like to end her aircombo’s with fk because of flying screen, on wake-up it’s similar to magneto/tron

The tron assist really helps with morrigans cross-up fk and her multiple overheads with lp.


Her jumping roundhouse doesn’t actually cross up :frowning: it looks like it should, but it won’t actually cross up in any situation that matters.

Morrigan’s trijump low jab is hella fast if you just do it off a normal jump. From there, it’s easy to do low shorts into Tron, but it’s a little harder to follow through. However, if you airdash over their head while calling Tron, you can s.fierce them back into that shit.

Morrigan/Sent/Tron 100% combo: crossup and call tron, s.fierce xx fierce fb xx DI, DHC into HSF when they fly up, then launch them and do whatever. The HSF will whiff entirely, so everything is taking off as if you just did it. Even if you just do short-short-RP, they’re pretty much dead.

Other cute combos:
when they tag in, do the magic series while calling Tron. It looks sick/retarded, and does 60 points of damage to boot, and if you feel like it you can tack on a DP super at the end for shits n giggles.

Also keep jab DP in mind. Hella good if you get in trouble! Morrigan can play a ground game all day, and if they try to jump, SHOOOORYUKEN.