Cheap mousepad with gel palm rest recommendations?

Where can I even buy a decent mousepad for cheap any more? I go to Bestbuy and any decent looking mousepad would cost at least 15~20 bucks… I look up on online and the same selections would cost 20 bucks PLUS 20 bucks shipping. Is it simply not possible to get a decent moustpad with wrist rest within 10 bucks?

I am also thinking of switching to 3M stick mouse, but it costs 80 bucks even though it’s not that good the last time I tried it.

I think the Gel wrist pads suck.

Don’t look for a wrist pad/ mouse pad combo.

This is what I use

I find that beads work much better than the Gel. The fabric is alot more comfortable to my wrist and the wrist pad is machine washable.

My desk sucks, I don’t have enough space for it, so I gotta go with a combo.

That beads wrist pad does not take that much space.
Its 6 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches wide, the wrist pad is “dog bone” shape.
Just place it on the bottom of your mouse pad.

Combos are the worst, if one thing goes so does the whole thing.

I have a colleague who uses a stick-mouse at work, and he loves it. I still can’t wrap my head around that one, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively, my wife uses an Evoluent Vertical Mouse, which also aren’t cheap, but maybe that might suit your needs a bit better if you’re having wrist issues.
Ever since I got her one, she can’t go back to a regular mouse anymore.

my biggest gripe with those ergonomic mouses is that I can’t watch porn with it, lol.

i’ve been doing well with this one.

sorry to be blunt but a gel palm rest is not necessary as long as you follow proper mouse holding techniques. look up different grip styles. also, boosting up your computer chair also helps.

I swear these style mouse pads was what the OP was fishing for…

…my contribution: