Cheap-O buttons and some JL-Ws

When my old man told me he was going to Thailand I told him to go in the arcades and see what parts he could pick up. I know there’s ppl on here with an interest in parts so I thought i’d share some pics.

This is what he came back with

Six Sanwa JL-W’s

The box slogan makes me lol

And some really cheap snap-in’s

I’ve got no idea who makes these, they’re a lot flatter on the top than Sanwa’s

I did a quick Google for MS 30 but couldn’t find anything on them

He also brought back some 24mm snap-in’s, and some weird little square buttons which seemed to small for any type of arcade game i’ve seen here in England. I’m hoping to make a new stick with some of this stuff :smile:.

Looks cool, and interesting, quality dunno, but keep us posted ;).

can you get me some of those flat buttons

let me know man cuz i want some

Can you post up pics and measurements of those little ones? I’m looking for some itty bitty switches, requiring a hole size of less than 18mm, preferably something like 12mm, for a couple of sticks I want to make. Any chance you can post pics and maybe sell them if they’d fit my need?

Sorry for the slow reply, My old man and I are planning to make some sticks with this stuff. Anything thing spare when we’re done will go in the Trading Area.