Cheap omegared stuff

he is mad good, out of control if you’ like tron helper action:sweat:

omega has the nasty corner rape combos:

ground chain+tron or overhead then chain into tron, launch, sj lp,mk,mp, delay, lp,fp delay again fk, then to make them roll before they can wake up.

he has a really big option tree after this…

-his instant overhead is jump lp asap.

-after that forced roll you can do the basic jump lp+tron and this will give you instant high and time to land and continue combo. basic air combo at this point will kill an average character.

-or you can do his omega strike cancels for 1-3 hit overhead mix-up

-or do his omega strike so fast that it whiffs, then go low right away into tron,

follow either of those up with the instant overhead if they manage to block the first parts. this is hard to do as a sequence, but if you get good at it, people can’t block that shit.

once he’s in range, the opponent basically is stuck guessing between some really random shit.

alternate corner combo is launch+tron sj fk, coil straight down, then throw them up for the mix-up game as they land. After u chuck em up, airdash right up underneath them and coil up is naturally random. if you let them fall, he has a solid switch side game back into his rushdown trap crap.

I’ve seen his airdash cancel fk hit cable in the back from the front 3 times so far ( it’s kinda like sentinel getting hit in the back when magneto does jumping fp from his front side).

he’s also got boshit with his instant overhead, plenty of options for even late combos if somone blocks tron and you wait a while to do it. on average these set-ups will do 42 pts of damage+wakeup tricks.

for a blockstun based high low rushdown string you can do,, then fk strikeXXdrop down(all of this is blocked and leaves u right next to opponent) jump up lp, then immediately do his lk+fk coil(this shit combos into tron so clean), then slam them straight down. you can really wait a bit for the instant overhead part, this lets you get an extra movement in before u jump up. good for mindgames.

now as they wake up,

you can repeat the instant overhead set-up if they stay put and get up next to you.

(80+ dmg if u land this back to back)

or lock them back down with normals+ tron and go into the rush sequences for ezmode high low guessing games.

it seems like this bitch can rush you down or set people up from anywhere on screen.

if he’s half screen away he can use fp,fk or to cancel into strike for free overheads/lows or just to get into position and block.

if he’s full screen, he can use df fkXXfk strike whiff cancel to get half screen, and at that point he can do whatever he wants to link into blockstun rush.

if retract his coils they recover way faster in the air, i don’t know too much about these yet…

his snap-out is almost 3/4 screen

airthrow priority is good

his air to air normal game is beasting, jump up towards opponent airdash lp,mp,fp has a ridiculous active hitbox for the whole sequence, once you make contact with the lp, you get blockstun mid-air that forces them into grounded blocking position. he then can proceed to rush shit down again. if they try to regular jump away from ur next sequence, his airthrow here is a good option.
he can also just rejump lp, and time his normals with his helper to get some rushdown.

some ways to use his airdash

dash or strike into range, regular jump + tron airdash tap back+ fp. this is good because it’s massive priority and takes up huge amounts of space. people will just block this and that means that as soon as it whiffs, fk strike is a good positioning tool. if somone tries to compete with it, tron and his crazy coils are pretty beastly.

since his aircoils can combo pretty easily, you can also shoot one downfoward here for a combo if you’re close enough or they get hit by a tron ring. sounds ghetto because it is. a better way to coil is to sj airdash cancel then coil towards wherever your opponent is, then u can do falling light attacks for counter hits if they try to get sneaky.

this next set-up is hard to explain…if it doesn’t make sense, wait until we release some matches and i’ll highlight it one game or something. sry if this is a shitty explanation…

if you get a chance to fall in on somone from sj height, aim your character towards somones backside

wait until the very last second to airdash past the character. cancel omegas airdash momentum with tap back AS SOON AS YOU ALMOST cross up the character.
the wierd part about this angle, he kinda stalls out mid-air and then he can drop to either side. Hold towards the opponents backside and you can still manage to float over there, or you can just drop to the front and overhead.

that shit barely makes sense to me and i made it up…

stupid combo section:

in corner, jump in fierce, dash in lk,lk+tron,fpXXsuperjump cancel airdash lp(tron is really blasting them at this point),land dash lp,mp sj and corner beast them. too much life, and omega’s corner combo looks like aperape already…

he can use fp,fk or c.fp for the hard hit and all of them can be sj cancelled.

this means he can run up and slap helpers from nearly full screen and sj then block

low tier/tron too good:rock:

Good shit. I’m gonna have to try this next time I play.

After launch, lp lk mp lp mp, you can crossup with an air dash while you both fall and lp mp xx coil. I’m not sure what determines if you crossup or not though.

b+hk throw into Strider’s bird assist bounces them back to you so you can dash under and pick a side.

You know who elese is strong??? Some guy you never heard of named Cordell in Orlando I lost a bet with him now he is the best in the world!!! OMG Too Strong!!!:rofl:

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omega red is beast.
i dont kno why he isnt widely used… prooly because he hasnt been heard of much.

but he kicks ass…
i use him alot. with juggy-a and cyke-b. he is anti sential all the way…

Disappointing how JWong demolished this one guy’s OmegaR in an FR match off of Prep’s site. I kinda wanted to see what he was working with. lol Oh well.

thats actually OmegaRoy, I learned alot of my omega stuff from him and tried to make up some different setups from his style. hes from jax, fl. i’m sure if you look back further on zachs site you can see him doing omega unblockables w tron midmatch:rofl: this is stuff he had been doing at least 5 years ago…so beastly when he’s on point…

his setup is basically timing a blocked ground series+tronXXlkstrikeXXsuper at an exact spot during the strike+ using trons 3rd OR 2nd ring for the screen freeze instant crossup.

if u mess up the setup it’s basically a mixup, if you do it right it’s a ridiculously fast double crossup…

omegadestroyerXXhail ftw w that pattern:tup: safe+cheap+team chemistry

Mixup: Any idea of where Prep has this older OmegaRoy footage? I scanned a few older tourneys with no luck. Maybe I overlooked…

Come play me, i’ll show you how beast he can be.

all i need is a bit ofweed :smiley:
&i’m to fast for you.