Cheap Ps2 controller > X360 converter

Anyone bought this or had any experience with it Xbox 1 & 360 PS2 controller to XBOX 360 converter ?

Seems like there are only expensive Mayflash Mayflash Max Shooter for Xbox 360 & Farmer XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus converters out there & even they don’t work flawlessly.

I too would like to know about this since I can get this one locally and cheap too.

I’m also interested.

Was just about to start a thread asking about that converter. It’s less than ?10 so I might just get it and see how it goes.

Is that store reputable? I’ll buy one for the hell of it. Edit, eBay has some but the listings are all HK based.

Is there an online Canadian store selling these?

I decided that it’s only a tenner so might as well. I’ll let you know how it is in 3-5 working days.

sweet. i’m subscribing to this

I would be interested as well. Would be awesome to not have to buy another xbox360 joystick.

Chances are if you have to piggyback a 360 controller on this like you to the Sniper you’re going to have lag and dropped inputs.

I spotted these on ebay and had my doubts so i contacted some buyers off the sellers feedback. Here’s what they had to say:

Ordered mine yesterday from a Hong Kong seller and recieved a tracking number today so ill let you guys know how it goes.

I currently use the Mayflash max shooter, and it works very well with no noticeable lag. So if this converter turns out to be bad, Max shooter would be the next best thing

Just ordered 2 of those so ill update you on the performance when i test them.

i went ahead and bought one too. i’ll give a review when i get it. thanks for the heads up on the converter.

Ordered one, waiting for shipping

Will let you know results

Will be testing with a ps2 mas stick

Any updates?

So in order for this thing to work you’d need to plug one end to the 360, one end to a 360 wired controller and the 3rd end to a ps2 stick/controller?

I guess plugging in the real 360 controller is to bypass M$'s lock?

Yeah, pretty much every controller converter for 360 works like that.

Another thing to test is whether the GUIDE button on the piggybacked 360 pad works.

If not, there’s probably no way to use the guide button with this converter.

on the mayflash i just keep the wired 360 controller connected and use the guide on there

I look forward to hearing how this turns out. If it’s decent, then I won’t hesitate to pick one up.

For those of you that have purchased some, did you buy from the OP’s linked seller or eBay? In the case of the former, how much was shipping?

I wonder, since it’s a piggyback design, if the pad combo shows up as a true 360 pad when plugged into a computer or if it shows up as some unknown HK hardware. If it doesn’t lag like hell in your testing it on the 360, can one of you check this out for me on the PC?

My thanks for a potentially great find.

Edit: Found a well-written review of the device over at Amazon.

I’d still like to know if purchasing through eBay seems the better move than buying through the OP’s link, but I think I’ll be taking a gamble on one of these as soon as I deposit the check sitting on my table.

Edit2: That shop rapes on shipping costs, so buying through eBay looks the better price. Add in the safeguards of eBay purchasing, and you can guess which route I’ll be going. I’ll report on it once I have it.