Cheap ps3 arcade stick I found

no name Moddable PS3/PC Arcade stick!

Weird layout for those who prefer the curved Japanese style. Start button is too close to the square button. But it has a home button and it looks like it has plexiglass that might allow you to put in your own artwork. Why does the box show a different looking stick with a straight 8 button layout?

I found these images on DealExtreme:

It seems just as easy to mod as a Madcatz SE. If I were to get one of these I’d cut a new sheet of plexi with a Vewlix layout and put the Start/Select/Home buttons elsewhere.

looks similar to the hrap 1 layout. I would make a new plexi and delete all 3 top buttons and the L’s. Also make a 3rd hole on the front for home and remap the buttons. pretty easy to mod, might be alittle hard to put viewlix layout since you would have to change the CP and not just the plexi

yeah, the panel is pretty thick but as long as you have the tools for it, why not.

Edit: The stick looks like one of these:

What are those buttons on the front of the stick even for?

If I used a stick like that, I would cover up the hole for start currently, make the other two top holes select and start, move home to the front of the stick, put in a MC Cthulhu and a 360 board with an Imp, and use the other front button as the system select button on the imp.

That’s if there’s room in the stick for all three boards.

Honestly though, for only about 15 bucks more, you could get a Madcatz SE for the PS3, and not have to go to the extremes to mod it that is needed here.

Who bought one of these things, I’m a bit intrigued by the plexi on top. Might be worth getting just for that. I need to find a use for this axisadapter collecting dust.

I’m guessing that either those, or the extra yellow ones on top are for L3 and R3.