Cheap PS3/PS2/PC Fightstick mods?


I’ve been looking at some cheap PS3/PS2/PC fightsticks for modding, and was wondering which one would be best based on size, ease of replacing buttons/stick/artwork, etc.

So far the ones I’ve read the most about are the Honcam fightsticks, which go for around $50 for two on ebay. However, I’ve also seen the Playtech Fighting Stick, which I’ve read less about but seems much bigger for about the same price. Also, I read about Mayflash ones and read that they’re worse than the Honcams?

If anyone knows much about these (or can tell from looking at them) and which one you would recommend I mod, please tell me. I’ve never modded a stick before (although the tutorials make it look easy) and would really appreciate some input as to what makes a stick “good.” I’m somewhat leaning towards the Playtech one, since it’s bigger and the curved design of the Honcam makes the art less appealing to me, but since I haven’t been able to find much about it it could be totally crappy.


please read the stickied threads and post there before littering up the Tech Talk section These are the same questions we get OVER AND OVER AND OVER not trying to be an ass

Both of those sticks are total shit the homcom has rubber contacts on the bottom of the buttons These buttons are the type you would find on an xbox controller but worse.

Look for a WWE Brawlstick much better components $20 at gamestop and was $30 at amazon not sure about now


I apologize for littering the section, I guess. I looked through the stickied threads, and did a few searches, but I didn’t find an answer to my questions. The WWE Brawlstick I don’t really want, since it doesn’t work on PS2. Also, I would switching out the buttons/stick/artwork on whatever stick I get, so I assume I could take the rubber contacts off?

Sorry again if I’m asking the same questions that are asked over and over.


If you want a simple pcb with PS3 and PS2 you can pick up something like this and put in any stick like the brawl stick with is of much higher quality/easier to mod$(KGrHqR,!k4E+fU8M7BkBP8S8sQ1wQ~~60_58.JPG


Did someone ask for a PlayTech mod.

-Uses a JLF clone
-Mounting plate fits on a JLF
-Nice and heavy
-Can’t find any other stick on the market with the same distance between the stick and buttons.
-Easy to remove the PCB for the buttons

-Button holes need to be widened.
-JLF shaft scrapes against the bottom plate (need to drill a hole)
-plastic pegs that hold the button PCB will need to be cut.
-some soldering required

All in all, I’d consider it an “Intermediate” level mod job and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to do things outside of just replacing parts.


I would rather not spend more money on a PCB, in addition to tracking down a gamestop that even has the stick. The PlayTech one looks great though! If I wanted to replace the gate with an octagonal one, which would you recommend? And does the stick itself feel normal to use, considering the distance between stick and buttons?


The distance is fine. It’s similar to the distance in old American cabs. If you’re going to replace the gate however, I reccomend replacing the entire stick with a JLF-TM.


I don’t know much about joysticks, and I can’t really find that much information about the JLF-TM, but I’m guessing that a JLF-TP would work somewhat the same? If so, I could just replace the restrictor plate insert with this octagonal insert, right?