Cheap stick for newbie like me

I started playing capcom vs Snk 2 on my ps2 and Im thinking of getting arcade st ick for me and my little bro…(since its hard to play on regular controller) But I don’t want to spend like over 50 dollars on each stick… so which stick you guys think it’s good for me…?

I found these on ebay…

The top one is way better than the bottom one. But niether even come close to a custom stick…

Both are a waste of money compared to a custom. Spend the good money on a good custom and you’ll be happy for a very long time.

Get a SFAC stick. It isn’t as expensive as a custom stick, it’s compatible w/ 2 systems and it’s easy to mod.

NiteWalker! I need to talk to you about that stick that you’re making… if you’re still up for making it. :sweat:

whats the cheapest price for custom stick?

Ballpark figure here, IIRC getting a large box all Happ stick from Dreaded Fist is the cheapest route. I think it’s a little over $100 without shipping.

Really you should probably just an SFAE stick or the Tekken 5 bundle if you’re intent on getting two sticks. They’re both decent and will be sufficient for awhile. Although my SFAE stick is basically dead (Parts are worn to high hell) after a little over six months of use mainly in CvS2.

Zerox, you need to throw some Happs in that sucker. It’s super easy.

I would, but instead I decided to order a custom off of Finkle, all Seimitsu. I do plan on putting Happs in eventually to use it as my backup/for people that want to play with me. Just right now I’m up at school and don’t feel like doing it at the moment.

it’s better to spend the money on one good stick, rather than spending money on a billion crappy sticks that break down every other month. if you’re really into the game and want to improve, drop the extra 50 bucks and get yourself a good stick.

if you can, try to get the Tekken5 Bundle from EB if they have any left. 30 bucks alone is worth it for the stick, and you can easily mod it with top of the line Sanwa parts if you wanna take your gaming to the next level.