Cheap tactics


Personally, I call it a move of desperation, if you can cheap off your foe by doing a wake-up ultra then do it, but some just doesn’t want to win cheap, but I don’t know why people hate seeing C’s on their wins. Then again I don’t really see pros going for cheap wins.

thoughts please


I don’t see why people make it such a big deal.
You’re gonna win w/ bull shit and you’re gonna lose to bull shit.
Just move the fuck on.



…I don’t really see the pros of your threads.


Oh you mean winning off chip damage? There’s no problem with it.


This thread is going places


A win is a win and loss is a loss - for me, I love fighting games to the point that I don’t even care if I lose at all, as long I knew that I played at my best. Winning by chip damage is no problem. Neither is zoning… or using moves I might not be able to figure out at the time… As for pros, it is very easy for them to have fun on a high level.


Ironic that he’s a Cena fan; he can’t see what’s wrong with his post.


I don’t really see them falling for cheap tactics either


have you ever seen a high level match? Throws all over the place

Fucking cheap ass bullshit


Betta grab some popcorn you two!! Because…

Seriously though this dude makes the dumbest threads sometimes.


Jesus Christ. OP has an obsession with creating at least one thread a day discussing topics that are currently or have already been discussed. Stop.


I think that there should be more checkmate situations like chip kills in this game. Losing invincibility on Seth’s U2 in AE upset me pretty badly, especially since the Devs mentioned one of the uses for his Tanden Typhoon would be chip kills in their pre-Super blogs.


Cheap is what salty players say after losing. It’s an excuse.

This is a fighting game, not an election.


Honestly I don’t find wake-up ultras to be cheap. Desperate, maybe. Depends on the flow of the match really.


sooo wait…
its not cheap if i throw some random dude the whole last round just because he isnt aware of a technique called throw tech? yeah ^^
have to message him … right now ! :smiley:


Honda buttslam vortex.


Dude, If my DeeJay has super and ultra stocked, and i manage to score a blocked sobat on your low health, you will die and i will get a win with a C.


can you hear my eyes rolling from over there? Here. Lemme try again.

…still nothing hunh? Weird. Cause they are pretty much staring at my frontal lobe at this point.