Cheap xbox 360 sticks under $50.00

Ive bought from this website super ufo before. I noticed they had some decent looking sticks for the 360 but they are not brand name. they look pretty good and i figured i could just mod them like any other stick. Please take a look and tell me if anyone had ever bought one of theese. most are 3rd party and have no brand

xbox 360 stick $38.00
It looks pretty good and the kof art work is not so bad i like the ball top stick and the convex button. also in white

xbox 360 stick $ 47.00
I like it better than the last. the ken art work is ok im not crazy about the color but its nothing some air brush and different parts cant change.

Pretty nice for barebones and modding. I’d consider picking it up and upgrading it with Japanese parts if I didn’t already have my TE stick.

I’d get the top one because of the art and it seems to resemble a HSS-0136. Button layout doesn’t seem familiar, but that probably not much of a concern.

I think the top one looks promising.

The bottom one some people like, some people don’t. Personally I don’t care for the layout on either. But you can’t beat around $50 I guess.

As a side note, I’m totally shocked that your av is Xyience and you spelled your own city wrong.

ahahaha :rofl:

Does that second stick have suction cups?

Seems like it.

whats your point. Its the internet im never going to see you in my life. But thanks for being on patrol mr. spell check!

This thread is tight.

He’s also spelt Muay Thai wrong.

Yes it does. My friend has one, so I’ve not had a chance to open it up and see how easy to mod it is. But it is a pretty good stick for the money.

Where did you find that KOF stick? I’m interested because of the PCB

I know I saw that too.

No problem dude, I’ll be here all week.