Cheapest Arcade Boss

Who do you think is the cheapest arcade boss. For me, it’s two. Seth from Street Fighter 4 and Gill from 3rd Strike.

I just hate Seth when I fight him. Every time I do a super or ultra, he alway find some way to counter it like the piledriver or the shoryken. I mostly hate his shoryuken because he can perform 3 consecutive shoryuken. The others can do that. He also acts like he’s tough by doing a lot of Yoga Teleports. I find it funny because Dhalsim doesn’t do a lot of Teleports.

As for Gill. I just hate him when he ressurect.

Sounds like you never played a KOF game.

Nope. Is there a boss that’s cheap in there?

Dude, like… every boss in KOF except the guy in 2003 (the stone-power guy) is a nightmare…

Personally, I think Igniz is a beast… But I was younger when I last faced him.

i think kof 97 boss orochi isn’t that tough but all the other ones are except for the one from 2003


Seth is NOTHING.

SNK bosses are such stupid BS characters they have their own term:

And check out Igniz’s DM:

Are you telling me how unfair or difficult he is?

i gotta agree, SNK bosses are the shit, those guy are Rock hard. but you can throw Akuma in the mix, that guy is cheapness all around.

Both. SNK bosses are both unfair and difficult. Also later on they all received some DM that fills the whole screen. The whole screen the the hitbox of ONE DM.

However like Seth they all lose to some really stupid tactic that shouldn’t work.

His winning quote… “All are impotent before me”… That’s pretty funny :rofl:

I would also like to add Abyss (2nd form) from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I just hate him for using the bubbles. I know I got to hit them, but it’s annoying and it’s game over when I’m captured. And his laugh makes it worse.

The first is easy and the 3rd is hard (Good type of hard)

I dont know but Abyss is one of the easiests bosses in any fighting game. Especially compared to SNK syndrome bosses

Damn. I must suck in fighting games.

If HD Remixed G-Akiha from Actress Again didn’t have the jC exploit from her debut, she’d beat most of the bosses I could think of.

I would say Galaxy Fight as a whole might as well be a boss run, but the eternal champion is Ivan Ooze in the hands of a player.

yeah, the general concensus is that the Snk bosses in general are the hardest bosses because some bullshit that they have

yeah in the hands of a player Ivan Ooze is simply stupid :rofl:
but i want to add Justice from the original GG, he/she was simpy ridiculous with imperial ray as a special, and if you add the dashing to every special, it was simply a beast

Magaki in KOF XI sure was a bitch too… It felt like he could just do so much stuff to prevent being hit, and on a distance he would grab you through that damn portal or any of his other crazy stuff.

All I know is that KOF games are the only ones where they give you a handicap if you lose to a boss. I remember having a choice, and one of them was having the boss start off with only 3/4 of health bar. And that shit was still hard to beat. Fuck those games.

Woah. That projectile comes back?

Honestly, Seth is nothing. I barely play SF and even then I could beat him fair and square without a problem on my first try.


This guy…just this guy. He’s so bad that he feels cheap COMPARED TO THE OTHER SNK BOSSES.

the most annoying thing about Magaki is his Ghostly ball. it can’t be negated and it hurts. it’ll all about jumping at him the right way. yeah his barrier can stop that, but he wont do it every time.

NGBC. The Epidemic of SNK boss syndrome.

Just the easiest of the 4-5 bosses in that game.