Cheapest/best portable speakers

I’m looking for something that we can pair with asus/benq monitors at tournies, cause the speakers on the monitors blow.

Any suggestions?

I own Logitech Z323’s. Excellent sound but too big and pricey for tourneys. I would recommend Logitech X-140’s though as they are cheap, small and have pretty good quality sound.

I’d suggest Altec Lansing BXR1220’s. I use them, they’re USB powered, tho, but that works well with say, 360s as I can use the back USB port to power them. PS3s, if they’re the 4 port ones, that works. Otherwise, if your monitor has usb ports even that works. otherwise get a cheap USB wall adapter and USB extension cord from the dollar store. Pretty small, but decent sound.

If the monitors have an audio-out jack, the X-mini II Capsule speakers:

Probably the cheapest portable speakers you can find that are rated one of the best portable speakers.

+1 for the x-mini II it’s the best portable speaker I’ve ever owned. Also, you don’t need a audio out on your monitors since its easy enough to connect to pretty much any console using one of these

Edit: A lot of sites do deals where you can buy them in pairs because they can daisy chain. Just don’t daisy chain them and use each 1 on its own setup and you’ve saved yourself some money.

Just get something cheap, TBH.

We had the same situation for tournaments in Dublin (Ireland) and ended up just group-buying some €10 USB-powered speakers.
They do the job, and if they get lost/stolen you won’t give a damn.

I’m still curious as to what Evo used in 2010.