Cheapest, easiest to mod stick?


I want to start using arcade sticks, and I WAS going to get a SE FightStick, but turns out stores won’t be stocking them here in the UK. So I started looking into alternatives, and I started to think about modding my future stick. The FightStick seems nice, but at 70 it’s a little steep considering i’ll also be adding in about 40 of mods (20 for 6 buttons, ~20 for a stick). So I was wondering is there a stick which maybe isn’t all that great stock, but is very easily moddable so I don’t have to blow a load of cash on a game controller?

TLDR - Is there a cheaper stick than the FightStick that is also easily moddable?


Pretty much, no. It’ll cost more to make your own, and the Hori EX 2 which IS cheaper isn’t “very easily” moddable.

Sorry, but it can be an expensive hobby at times. If you do plan on modding “easily” the Fightstick is the way to go. Even with Full Sanwa/Seimitsu, you’ll be around 30 under the TE and way under any custom.

If you did a lot of the work yourself, you might be able to build one from scratch for about 100, but that’s nowhere near being close to “easy”.


In terms of easiest to mod, the FightSticks are at the top, followed by a little by the main line HRAP’s like the HRAP EX, HRAP 3 and HRAP 2. The uber upper echelon HRAPS dont require modding, and the low echelon HRAPs like the T5 stick are a pain to mod. Just about everything else requires some serious effort for a japanese style stick.


Hmm…looks like I don’t really have any alternatives then.

Thanks for the fast replies.