Cheapest Ethernet cables?


I am looking for a 25-30 foot ethernet cable for dirt cheap. Thanks ahead of time guys.



cat5e are ethernet right? its been like 5 years since I have crimped my own adapters onto a cable to make my own haha.

edit: cat6 seem to be what im looking for.


Cheapest is going to be buying the cable and ends yourself and doing it yourself.
Monoprice may be the cheapest pre-made cables.
Cat5(e)/Cat6(e) are both suitable.


I used to make my own cables but I have moved and no longer have any parts to do that so premade is what I am looking for right now.


It always cheaper to buy in bulk, (by price per foot, yard, meter).

If you know you going to use A LOT of ether net cable in the future, you can buy big rolls of cable from a home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depo, but expect to pay alot for the 100 to 1000 ft of cable they come in. ($20 to $180 at Home Depo)

Here is a Link to their 100 ft, $19.98 Cable. I do encourage you to try to shop around and find the best deal for your money.
100 ft. 24-Gauge 4-Pair Category 5E Riser Grey Internet Wire - 2700-0104C at The Home Depot

If you do buy your ethernet cable like this, make sure you also get a RJ-45 Crimper and RJ-45 Crimp Connectors.
Connector Boots are optional.


$5, 20 feet. RiteAV - Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable - Blue - 20 ft.: Electronics

OR, 25 foot for 10 cents more. 25-Foot Category 5e (Cat5e) CMR Ethernet Patch Cable (Blue): Electronics