Cheapest in mvc2

ice man doesent loos guard damage plus ice beam cant be stopped by any type of non-super fireball.

(looses poorly to )


If you want to talk serious, I’m willing, but if you’re just a scrub, just go to GameFAQs or something.


:lol: Just block Icebeam with Cable, AHVB. or HSF with Sent, there’s your chip or REAL damage. Or hell, use both, fp x 4 (Call Sent’s drones) xx grenade, repeat. That little ‘trap’ alone can kill most scrubs

nah man im not a scrub i just kept getting my ass beat by
but i did quit a bit of research and now it is not a problum


Thank you for copying and pasting from GameFAQs.

Almost all characters who rely on chip can chip Iceman. You know what’s funny? Iceman vs. Spiral/Sentinel. Ditto for any team w/ Doom assist.

Plus, let’s take a look at the Iceman’s moves. He has the ball of ice that only serves to setup chipping from his super.

His one super. That is far, far shittier than Magnus’.

He has the Icebeam. Great projectile attack.


Iceman is a character with a shitty launcher, low damage comboes, one useful special and one super. Plus, he takes more damage than most characters. He ignores some chip damage. This is the cheapest character in the game?

Oh, and for your bad matchups. BB Hood, Anarkis and Thanos all match up far shittier against at least one of the big four than they do against Bobby Drake.

Blackheart is the only reasonably top tier character you listed, and Inferno xx HOD ain’t everything. Hell, Iceman taking no damage on block is better than Cable guardcanceling and AHVBing your ass.

What’s funny in all this, is that you ARE a scrub, and you DID go to GameFAQs. Too good.

ummmm hold up i forgot were i had said that i had come up with the list,…oh thats write i DIDNT.
i didnt try to take credit for it dumb ass, I said research .
and if me going to game faqs to make my stratagy better than you damn sure are a scrub cuz you memorized the fucking faq.

look forget i even posted this thread i forgot how abundant immaturity is in and you are it at its finest .
lol the things losers try to do to make them look smart.

hah your a joke

when i say he is cheap i mean if he is used by someone fairly good he can win far to easy but thats not saying he isent a great fighter.

uhh… theres only two iceman faqs…not much to memorize, and not many people would believe you would go through all the effort to find who iceman takes no chip from on your own:rolleyes:

all those characters that iceman avoids chip from doesn’t mean jack, if most of them aren’t normally used in high level competition.

and, sorry to say, you make yourself look even more scrubby by insisting that he’s cheap. (there is no cheap in shoryuken)

The list of attacks you posted had capitalization. You never capatalize. Therefore it was copy/pasted.

And it’s pretty hard to win w/ Ice against anyone who plays the top four well.

dude do you get it or not , I SAID I DID NOT MAKE THE FUCKING LIST , cant you read …
check this, i dont want to argue i dont have time for your immature ass point of veiw, saying im a scrub , look if you dont like the way i am trying to explain why i posted get lost

Regarding cheapness

Read these 4 articles. ALL 4 of them. This way you won’t complain about cheapness.

On Cheapness [Seth Killian]

Playing To Win [Dave Sirlin]

The SF Straight and Narrow By BLT

Playing To Win Part 3

Regarding Iceman:

Doom assist, Spiral’s knives, Sentinel assist, Strider’s animal farm, blocking attacks from Hulk or Sentinel ALL inflict chip damage to Iceman. Blocking nearly any solid object [not fire or beams] will generally inflict guard damage to Iceman.

Iceman also has to worry about getting thrown since that bypasses your guard, he also has to worry about Magneto if he gets in, Storm can also chip with Hail BTW, and on and on, and on.

Iceman can’t Icebeam Cable on his level unless he wants to get fried [and if on the low ground incinerated possibly taking a second character with him…].

Is Iceman cheap? No. And even if he was, you’d probably be too naive to tell.

Man. If not taking energy-beam chip damage manages to change the course of the match, you need to go back to the training room. :slight_smile: Strider/Doom will eat Iceman alive, Mags (or Storm)/Tron beasts on the slow Iceman for giggles, blah blah blah. The only good match-up Iceman has with Top Tier is against Cable Defense teams (Cable/Sent, blah blah blah), and that match-up is only good for the first seven seconds of the match. After that point, Cable’s got meters and Iceman is gonna get jacked. Iceman’s super combo is way too painful, but his ability to deal damage is neatly countered by his own susceptibility to damage. Against mid to bottom tier, Iceman is okay, but he still gets beasted on too easily once you can get in.

Yeah, Rat (notably the chippy Iceman/Cable-AA/Spiral-knives) and Trinh around here can win a game or two with him in screw-around casual play, but that’s because they’re Top 32 in the world, and even then nobody plays him on point - they just use him for his chippy assist. Anybody else who steps up with Iceman is gonna get jacked.

But it sounds like you already figured out how to beat Iceman, so you’re straight now and there’s (still) no point to this thread. :slight_smile:

yea zach you right:bluu: :lol:

Umm, I play ice on point, as my first char.

He gets slaughtered by Magz and Storm, but only magz is a problem at the start of a match. People rarely start with storm.

And Ice versus spiral/sent is roughly 50/50. I can’t decide if cable or iceman does better against that duo. Cable can throw a short grenade in the air if Spiral teleports, stopping her teleport entirely. But iceman can chip her right the fuck back… basically the ice vs spiral match consists of… pushblock knife, pushblock knife, call sent and either super jump and downwards icebeam, or call sent and ground beam if the opening is there. Sent ground assist is what makes Iceman playable on point.

there is nothing wrong wit what this did he was juss tryin to step hisgame up like most good figthers do so all the hate is pretty much miscellaneous

oh come on :stuck_out_tongue: his super his like bnb for his aerial combo, does decent dmg and easy to combo with. imagine mag with lone aerial unmashable tempest :P. its not really not that bad

LOL I wrote this like 3 years ago when I was fairly new to Marvel… wow… can’t believe this thread still lives :lol:

just trying to keep things alive :wink: