Cheapest Madcatz SE fightstick, used or new?


I read the n00b thread sticky and it said that the Madcatz SE Fightstick would be best for those new to using arcade joysticks, and that if I wanted to improve one it would involve just buying some parts and replacing them later.

So, I was wondering, where would you all recommend I look to get the cheapest madcatz se fightstick that I can use on my PC? I hear only the 360 ones work unless you have an Intel motherboard with a VIA chipset.

Also, I don’t care if they’re used fightsticks or new.

Any advice?



bump for help?


You can get them off of Amazon for like 60 bucks.

That’s pretty dirt cheap considering what you can do with it.


you can get cheap sticks off ebay, craigslist once in a while, and off the trading outlet here u just have to be patient and wait for deals.