Cheapest monitor?

What’s the cheapest lagless monitor that I can find to use with a PS3?

get the evo monitor asus vh236…something, you can find it on the cheap


I wanted to ask this question too, so thanks OP! I’m struggling to find many VW… models, can get a VH232T though, but is there any problem with it being 1080p and accepting a 720p signal from the PS3?

If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, the VH232 and VH242 are good. They have a 5 ms response time as opposed to the 236’s 2ms response time, so you might see some ghosting, but it is also lagless.

I own three of them and I love them.

720p vs 1080p doesnt make a difference, the monitor will just show the picture on the whole screen either way.

I’m not sure if you guys have the BenQ screen in the US, but here in Australia one of the best valued screens is the BenQ E2420HD.

It goes for around $250AUD and has been tested as pretty much lagless…

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