Cheapest quality ps2 stick


Hell everyone. I have a madcatz TE stick for 360 with no plans to mod that right now.

I’m looking for the easiest/cheapest quality ps2 arcade stick since I’ve gotten into 3S lately.

I have no experience modding (I could swap buttons and stick on the TE but…) but would be willing to do anything that’s easy for a beginner. Should I buy a case and mod? I can’t seem to find any good ps2 sticks now, and I don’t want to spend too much.

I also have no tools (dremel etc,) but would purchase if need be.

Would I be able to buy a wii or ps3 madcatz SE and mod the wire somehow?

I’m lost :slight_smile:

EDIT: I own an x-arcade stick from years ago, could i just drop in a sanwa stick and buttons?


u can use a cthulhu to wire for ps2 or just wire it to a case. no soldering

the x-arcade uses happ style so the joystick might fight with a universal mounting plate but the shaft might be realy low. the buttons will not fit unless u cut the holes and sand down the underside of the control panel.


Ok, So I’d need the multi-console cthulhu board, and a case/joystick/buttons? Would I then simply run wires from the cthulhu to each button? And what do I use for wire (I really am a newb)? Could I indeed use a madcatz fightstick SE since it’s already fit for the sanwa parts I want to use (same as in the TE stick)

Thanks for the reply so far. I don’t really like the x-arcade case anyway, it’s too heavy and uncomfortable on a lap.


So you’re looking for a ps2 stick? Your options include the Hori RAP1/2, Tekken 5, Arcana Heart, and Namco sticks, but these are hard to come by. You could try checking eBay.

Then there are generic Chinese sticks like the Mayflash stick that have a connector for both PS2 and PS3/PC. These have crap stock parts but are relatively easy to mod if you know how to solder.

If soldering is too difficult for you, than a MC-Cthulhu will definitely work but you will have to put together the cables yourself like the RJ45 cable mod.

You can also do the Spiffyshoe’s PS2 controller solderless mod.


i could solder if thats all need be i have access to an iron. Is the mayflash stick easy other than soldering? what stick would you reccomend


use your 360 stick to play 3s on your PC?


if you can solder connect it to your TE, and have dual mod. the mayflash is such crap.




I’ve been wondering but WHAT IS A cthulhu AND A CHIMP or IMP?!


Cthulhu - PS3/PC USB only
MC Cthulhu - Cthulhu with options for PS2, GC, NES
Imp Switch - for dualmodding Cthulhu and 360 pad
Chimp - MC Cthulhu with built-in Imp switch


Dual mod is the way to go. If you can get someone local to do it for you it would save you money on shipping. Otherwise browse the Trading Outlet to see if anyone has a PS2 stick in your price range.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ve been playin 3s on my PC via MAME a little bit. Theres a warning that comes up saying the video may not be accurate for this game, is that anything to worry about? Also, is there any other way to play 3S on the pc?

However, I do prefer it on PS2 since it’s in the living room :slight_smile:

From the sounds of things, maybe I’ll dual mod the TE or an SE. I assume there’s guides out there for that so I will get to searching.


3S on the PC? Why GGPO of course.


Chimp is a Cthulhu and Imp switch combined in one pcb, as The_Third said.
However, it can only support PS3/PC/USB, not multi-console.

You’d probably wanna get the MC Cthulhu for PS3/PS2 and use a DPDT switch or an IMP.
Then, you’ll also need to do a RJ-45 hack with detachable cable for PS2.

I’m actually in the process of doing the same thing on my TE.

Alternatively, just pick up a used PS2 controller and do a padhack.


Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the correction.