Cheapest SNK Boss

We all know SNK is known for difficult levels and cheap bosses but who is the cheapest boss of all time ?!?!?!?!?

I can’t believe Orochi got a vote. The guy’s a retard :lol: …

Orochi is in there but Krizalid isnt?

umm, Ignitz is the only one up there that does an infinite on you.

Aparently no one remembers Mizuki all that well?

She’s like, one of the all time cheapest bosses for any fighting game, not just SNK bosses.

Ignitz might just barely rank over her, though.

If u think Krizalid is hard then u are a sissy!

Igniz is the only cpu controlled charachter that i’ve ever seen do an infinite. Controlled by a person, you block once, and its guard crush into infinite.

For anyone that hasn’t seen him, imagine Iori’s rekkas taking up half the screen, and you can keep doing the first two over and over again.


There’s a few that are not on that list the idiots from world heros and 95 saisyu spring to mind

Hell, are we talking about computer controlled or human controlled?

Human controlled Geese Howard was so beyond screwed up.

His parry/grab move (forget the name) could grab ANY move in the game except projectiles. Sweeps, over-heads, projectiles, throw attempts… ANYTHING.

Igniz vs Geese, all Geese would have to do is that grab move over and over.

Mizuki dammit. Followed by FF1 geese.

Did I s-s-s-s-s-stutter? Mizuki dammit.


Neo Dio (ever try beating him straight up? Death Match with Time Over is the only real way to win) > Wyler ('nuff said) > Mizuki (unlike the other two, she’s beatable, just gotta be careful) > FF1 Geese (EVERY MOVE HE HAS is better than yours) > Nightmare Geese > 94 Rugal > the boss from Ninja Masters > Random SS5 Special AIs (especially Suija, Enja, Kusa, and Zankuro) > *

What version of World Heros?

Neo Dio from WH2. He’s after Neo Geegus(who is even gayer in 2 than he ever was in 1).

Are you sure it wasn’t World Heros Perfect or World Heros Jet?

He was just “regular” Dio in World Heros 2.

Heh… I could probably kick his ass with Ryoko in WH2 (she has no projectile moves).

Princess Sissy from Matrimelee is a real pain in the ass.