Cheapest solution besides Hori for Wii?

Coz i just went and bought myself a HRAP3 and don’t really want to buy another stick for 1 game on the wii

pretty sure there is no adapter from ps3 to wii, so i think you need to buy another stick.

Screw that, i’m not spending $100 AU odd for one game

pad all the way then =]

either get it modded, which i’m not even sure is possible for that kind of conversion, get urself the hori or wait for the madcatz one, which will prolly be around the same price. online i see the hori ones for $40, so that’s not bad imo. I read some comments a few ppl said about this one and the feedback wasn’t the greatest…

Mod your stick with a multi-console Cthulu board, it has Gamecube support.

That will be the day…

I have been told the modchipman can do it!! I asked if I could get a TE modded to work on wii/ps3/360. he said he could add a GCN plug to the end and it’ll work.

Build/buy a PS2 stick, use a converter imo
It’s good to have a PS2 stick anyway, there’s converters to pretty much anything.

If not, at least the Classic Controller has a fantastic d-pad for fighters. One of the best I’ve used.

The Hori stick is 40$ at Gamestop.

It’s a real nice one too, the feedback on the joystick is great.

dudes 15 dollar or less converter perfect great compatablity can allow friends to play with ps2 controller. no contest unless you have a mc ct\hulu stick

8 dollars. I doubt you can get cheaper than that.

You could also wait for the MadCatz TvC stick. Off course, you’d still have to mod the thing with Sanwa bits.

No problem! has dual modding for SF4TE sticks!!
Oh snap! Already said that. My bad.

I’ve had my Wii Hori stick for almost 2 years now and it still works like new.
I honestly think It’s the best retail fight stick around, and it’s the cheapest.

MadCatz SE stick for Wii has been confirmed for production/release this January. While the Hori may have have better buttons/stick from the get go, the MadCatz is way easier to mod with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts down the line.

Seriously, if you have a ps2 stick it will work with ANY system as long as you have converters. There’s a converter compatibility thread in tech talk but I think the cube joybox pro works without any lag. I’m going to definitely use my namco stick for tvc.

Anyone know of anyway to get the madcatz 360 one to convert? (with out sending it in for the dual modship.)? I liked that ps2 to GC converter, anything like that for USB to GC?


Hey guys. Pictures of the official MadKatz TvC stick have finally surfaced…well, the box for it at least XD

Doesn’t look anything different than what they were displaying at Comic-Con.

Hori PS2 RAP all the way for me, and yes for one game.