Cheapest stick for modding?

Right now I am thinking that the most economical way for me to acquire a decent fight stick would be to buy the cheapest stick I can find and fill it with Sanwa parts purchased separately.

For the parts, I’m planning on buying a JLF-TP-8YT-DB joystick and six OBSF-30 buttons. This would cost ~$49 shipped from Lizard Lick, or $40 shipped from Arcade Spare Parts. It seems like people have a preference for the former, but I’m inclined to go with Arcade Spare Parts due to the lower price. (If there’s a compelling reason for me to go with Lizard Lick instead, please let me know.)

As for the stick, I’m a bit unsure of what to get. The only platform I own is a PC, but I have occasion to play on Xbox 360’s and Playstation 2’s quite often, so support for either of those platforms would be a plus. I’ve been told that there’s a “super cheap” Mayflash stick good for modding. However, the only place I’ve managed to find it is Amazon, and the prices there are comparable to what I’d expect to pay for an SE stick. This place also has the Mayflash stick on backorder, but it totals to more than $40 including shipping.

I’m thinking that an SE might be a good base for modding. Checking Amazon, it seems like the PS3 SE is actually significantly cheaper than the Xbox SE. Is there a place where I can acquire the Xbox SE for a similar price, or is Amazon the cheapest I am going to find?

Lastly, are there any other cheap sticks that I should consider as a basis for modding? PC support is a must, and my preference is for something with Xbox 360 or PS2 support.

The SE is the easiest choice for modding if you’re going to buy parts. It’s basically just pop and swap. But ps2/PC support is a little tricky. If you get the 360 version, you can use that on PC (assuming it’s running Windows and you have the drivers installed) The best thing to do would be to padhack a PSX Dual Shock (Or Dual Shock 2 works, either works for PS2 just fine, however, DS2 is NOT common ground, meaning it will be a little different to wire up. However, since you’re not going to be dual modding, you don’t NEED a common ground PCB, it’s just that PS1 PCB is nicer to work with, and it works fine, so that’s what we suggest to work with) using a ribbon connector or fitting in stripped wires into the connector. It’s completely solderless if you wire it up properly. (Read more at Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring under “solderless extracted PCBs”). Then, if you get a 360 SE, you can take out the 360 PCB and sell it on SRK (If your account is older enough and you have enough posts), there are lots of buyers for the madcatz fightstick 360 PCBs. Don’t get the PS3 version, that PCB is near worthless.

If you do this route, you can have your modded SE at a PSX/PS2 stick, then get a PS2>PS3/PC converter, and a PS2>360 converter (requires a wired 360 controller, wireless with plug and play does NOT work), and have all of your systems. Most common converters for this are an InPin PS3 converter, and a Joytron 360 converter. Check for the best converters.

You cannot Padhack a DualShock 2 for Dual Mod because they not Common Ground.
Which Nerrage has said, and you not Dual Mod?

Also, the controls are done Analog, instead of Digital.
And I don’t mean the Analog Sticks, but the actual Buttons.

Clarification about the PS2 comment: PS2 support is something that’s not tremendously important me and not something that I’d go out of my way to mod in. If I can buy a stick that comes with PS2 support, like the Mayflash, then that’s great, but otherwise it’s not something I’m going to worry about.

I’d say get 360 SE for easy modding, then just get drivers on PC for it to work.

If you’re going to spend the $40-50 on parts for modding, why not just get a 360 te? If you look around you’ll be able to find one for $90-100.

Yes, nowadays a modded SE is about the same price as a TE. Just get a 360 TE.

Post an ad in the selling forums that your want an se I bought one a while back for 45 shipped sith sanwa parts already modded fully for me it doesn hurt o post an ad there.