Cheapest way to travel to EVO?

Hey guys,

I was looking around and sadly I can’t seem to come up with many options here. Looking at many sites for airline prices I see tickets are pretty expensive at about $400~ area. Does anyone have any tips for finding cheaper ticket prices? Is there any alternatives that may be cheaper for me? I live in New Jersey personally, so I’m curious if perhaps someone in the tri-state area could help me out.

Of course if push comes to shove I’ll just have to drop the money, but I figured I should ask people who’d have a much better idea than me before I did that.

Thanks everyone.

If I lived in the states I would trust Kirk and Spock: [media=youtube]5Yig8HJzZLM[/media]

considering the distance your going from NJ to vegas 400 doesnt sound that bad.

if you really really cant afford that you can see if theres a train that heads down that way, but trust me on that one any train trip longer then 2 hours sucks.

Looking at Amtrak the prices aren’t much better actually.

I figured the $400 area was fair price/distance wise, just wondered if someone knew any tricks of the trade of getting discounts or something perchance haha.

Nice vid Val :lol:

The vid’s purpose was to send you to

I remember Javi saying that he went to and checked for prices within two or three months before the event. That’s the sweet spot to when prices are generally at their lowest.

Delta is so far the cheapest for me right now to take to Vegas…I thought they went bankrupt.

Right now, it’s a bit early to be checking up on ticket prices. But here are some tips:

  1. Like Winchester said, the best time to start searching is about 2-3 months (In April-May) ahead. Use farecast/priceline/kayak/etc for your searching needs, as they can search many airlines as much. If you know your airport has Southwest Airlines, then go to, as they don’t participate in the aforementioned sites.

2.) The best day to look for prices are on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. That’s usually the time when airlines release seats for purchase.

3.) Try not to travel on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Tickets are usually higher when travelling on days with higher traffic is expected. This shouldn’t be a problem for EVO, but I know of some people who like to get there the day of the event and try to leave right after the finale.

4.) Try not to travel standby. The airlines have reduced their total number of flights in order to combat costs, and therefore have less seats for people to take. You might not get a flight in time for your match!

5.) Even if you do find a good price on Expedia/Priceline/etc, check on the airline’s website itself; you might find slightly cheaper fares.

6.) Keep in mind that most cheaper flights are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Confirm everything before you make that purchase!

7.) Write everything down so you can compare prices at a later time.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your hotel room yet, check for vacation packages on Expedia/Priceline. Sometimes they can give you a good airplane/hotel package that may be cheaper than booking both separately.

just puting in my 2 cents but theres bus tickets for about 260 or so…if you dont mind the 2 and a half day ride

delta is going strong. they bought out northwest a while back. I’m flying out of wisconsin with 3 other friends. we got flight and hotel for only $355 each. we got a direct flight with air tran. only thing thing is we aren’t staying CP