Cheapist Stick?


I am sure this has been asked hundreds and thousands of times and I am sorry for another repeat I am looking for the cheapest stick that’s okay for a broke gamer who only gets about 70$ for two days every few weeks, Sorry also if this is the wrong section.


I’d say a Madcatz SE would be up your alley. Mod it with Sanwa buttons and you’re fine. Total cost is about $100.

Or you can try to find a deal on a Madcatz TE from somebody on here. Round 1 TE’s are going for around $100-$115 shipped. The first thing you’ll need to know is the cheaper the price on the stick, the worse it is, more than likely. You’ll end up modding it right away or down the road.

Either way, best of luck with your search.


Did you even bother searching? -__-"

Anyway, if you want a cheap stick, MadCatz SE is for you. It will eventually crap out on you, so you might wanna mod it. Parts aren’t that expensive though.


Thank you for the quick reply’s yea i know about search, I just wasn’t thinking -.-’ and i didn’t know if anything cheaper came out before or after.
However Madcatz SE Sticks seem impossible to find as of recently unless you want to pay more anymore suggestions?

Also can anyone tell me how well these alternatives work?


Check the trading outlet. I thought the rules said you can buy, but you can’t sell. don’t quote me on it, though. You might want to check with one of the trading outlet mods to make sure

EDIT: Not sure on that dreamgear stick. Never heard of 'em, to be honest. I know your situation, I was in it not too long ago. Now I have 3 fight sticks when I was struggling to get one. I’d say take what me and kte03 said and run with it. Patience is key. :slight_smile:


Another great suggestion, Thank you!

Also are you still trading your madcatz SE stick? I have been waiting for the longest time to get a stick because im a heavy GGPO/SFIV/SF3/Alpha/MVC/MVC2 Player and any capcom/snk/marvel fighter really and i love competition and its hard to keep up with the good players without a stick you can only go so far on a 20$ pad, The pads so crappy i play with the keyboard more then i do the pad.

Also if you’re still trading your Madcatz Modded, Ill see what i have around to trade i may even buy it at that price just to get me started.


Yessir, it’s still up for grabs. I’d prefer to sell it instead of trade, but I’ll see what you have. We can discuss this further through PM, if you’d like.


Sent the PM, Any other suggestions?


you could always buy one of those QCFgaming cases and stick parts in it. you may not be able to get the best parts right away, but it would be a start.


Can you help find me a compiled list, I have no problem with building one its finding the right parts for me and stuff like that, however i don’t have a welder/soldering gun which makes it hard to wire anything, Id rather wait for my money then to buy custom parts id rather buy one from someone like cobra prebuilt if it is possible but it is a good suggestion chorpie thanks alot.



Seriously man, you gotta use the search function more often.


Im looking for all suggestion not a specific suggestion.
Thanks for the link also, But i think i found the stick i want,
If i don’t get it this is def an alternative buy, But im looking for the 360 version not ps3.


just search newegg for “fightstick” if you wanted 360. :slight_smile:

Also, which stick is it?


Cobra’s stick because i want the modded buttons.