Cheaptain America needs to be nerfed

High Damage easy bnbs
Good hit confirms like Wesker
Mid-range projectile that can create big easy combo
Invincible hyper
Brain dead like Wolverine
Lastly an effortless OTG unlike an Maverick Hunter that has to have something charged in advance…Cap can otg with ease.

^How is Cap not cheap? I’m sorry but this guy is really strong and my biggest problem is his damage output to his high priority hit confirms that rivals Wesker’s. Most of you are gonna flame me but unlike you i don’t whine over Wesker, Zero because i know that there’s other threats in the game that are trying to get by under the radar. Well guess what? I’m not gonna let Cheaptain America slither his way under the radar and it will be only an matter of time before people actually start to see his “BS”.

This isn’t GameFAQs you don’t just make multiple ultra specific topics all day and get away with it.

Here comes the threads…

Before anyone responds seriously:

And your point? My problem with the fighting community is that if you are not bashing Wesker, Zero then its not ok. Gamefaqs cry all day and it seems SRK folks are no different or is just the same posters posting on both sites >_>