Check ID on forfeit

I decided not to play my games for MK9 and went to the ref to notify him so the pool wouldn’t be stalled by them waiting for me. I approached and pointed at my name and said I would forfeit and the ref wrote it down. As I walked away I realized that someone could easily approach any other pool and pretend to be someone and forfeit their match if they hadn’t played yet.

I wouldn’t expect something sinister like that to happen next year but I would suggest that pool refs should be required to check ID (if available) when someone comes up to forfeit.

dont worry about it…or that theres a feedback thread, or a thread about this exact thing already here.

or you can just not show up… forfeit or not i still go through the brackets as if they were there or changed their mind or whatever. I sent no shows to losers, then elminated… i didnt eliminate from the beginning. I always have the next 2 matches lined up on deck so, if you don’t show and you’re in one of the last 2 matches that need to play the 5 minute timer starts then. After that it’s a DQ so don’t think that no shows really bother me, at least, as a judge.

I saw judges stressing out over people not showing up, screaming names and tiring their throats. I don’t know how not telling the judge you didn’t plan on playing could have made things worse. I think it’s cool that you had a system laid out and were able to handle the situations but probably not every judge could do that.

people take others spots all the time for no shows. Happens every year. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone it, just saying this is common