Check my Shopping List Please

Well, it’s time to get building, the Lexan is cut, the graphics and colours [EDIT: WERE chosen]. Now I have to figure out if my order is missing anything, and if not, to send it in. :slight_smile:

My plan is to build an 8-button stick, plus start button, with a JLF on an octagonal restrictor. I want to use the P-1S mounting plate. Here’s my list:

1x JLF-TP-8S Joystick (Colour Undecided)
8x Buttons (Colours Still Undecided, but getting closer)
1x Start Button (White)
1x JLF-H Cable
1x GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor
1x pack of QDs

That, plus the local hardware-store wiring gear, should be all I need, correct?

You need 1 more button for start :wgrin:


Well, thanks. Out of curiosity, do most people bother with the JLF-H cable, or do they usually just connect directly onto the microswitches? Nowhere I’ve seen actually stocks those cables.

Get the H5PIN cable instead, much cheaper.