Check out my Artwork

First of all, older stuff I posted a while back:

Canvas etc.:

Hats/trucker caps:

Some Esports designs:


This one was actually just a drawing/painting I did that I took a pic of and sent to her. She had a screen printer friend make her the hat. Pretty neat.

This one was made and sent across country to something in the starcraft community.

This one made for someone in the fighting game community

These last 2 made for some people in South America

Canvas etc.**

Here are the albums on facebook if you want to see some of the process and extra stuff:
(A lot of the stuff I take a pic every step or new color I add into it. Also some pics of my room, better angles, crappy old drawings when I was a kid, random sketches, etc.)

PS- All of my pieces have names or titles if anyone cares to know them. And I work for small commission if anyone is interested in a hat.


do people still rock trucker hats? maybe in the south or midwest??

Not as much. I live I so cal, so yea people still do wear hats and trucker hats all the time. Most of the people I sold hats to usually want to keep them as an art piece, rather than to wear around.

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