Check out my Barcade build

Hey SRK members, ive been working on a barcade for my wife and baby daughter. This is my first cabnet build. I bought a kit from lep1 customs. I went with the 21 inch XL 2 player setup. I have already painted, routed T molding and installed vinal graphics for the barcade and now have all my partd for the build. Ill show off what ive accomplished so far and continue to add when progress develops. I must say its been a very fun pleasing project so far.!

Also i love the il lorenzo 8 way joysticks. Always been my favorite. Just got the paradise arcade hollow shafts for using a different battop and changed the microswitches from the cherry 75s to the zippy 20s. The shaft is a little longer than stock which i like but not too much and the lower tenson microswitches feel amazing paired with the heavy stock spring. Its noticeabley easier to activate directionals but there is a little more deflection with the more sensitive microswitches. Really excited to getting them mounted up in the barcade. Its all going to be jamma setup. It will run pandoras box 6 jamma edition and a raspberry pie using a jamma to usb converter. I have all the parts and my jamma harness laid out with tags for inputs and microswitches already hooked up for easy installation. It will use a two way switcher as well.


A lot of other stuff is at a shop where im doing my work. I will be updating the build till its conplete. Shouldent take too long now that all my parts are in. Pretty excited to finish this and get my game on with my wife. Were a gaming family and proud of it!


More progress made! Had to add the additional btn5 and btn6 buttons on the jamma harness, then cut the coin one lead thats tied to a 3 pin connector with a 12v and ground source to hook it to a microswitch. I have the main control pannel all wired up, speakers wired, power supply hooked up and just did a dry run on my pandoras box 6 with everything in opperation. All i have to do now is cram 15 pounds of crap in a 10 pound box lol.

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Very nice!
Your CP panel wiring is a little on the messy side, though; would be extra awesome cherry-on-top if you cleaned it up.

I had planned many years ago to build myself a custom bartop cab, but never got around it and all I ever got done was some 3D models of what I wanted (at the time). If I ever revisit it, I’ll probably start again from scratch.

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Yea its hard getting those jamma wires to cooperate right. I might have to cut all zip ties and just go through every wire and connection on at a time so it can be clean. At least i went through and labled the ends of the wires so that makes it more easy.