Check out my box in progress


This is my first box and I just wanted to share my progress with everyone. It’s made out of red oak. I’m planning to finish it this weekend.

I still need to drill the button/joystick holes, router the back of the mounting board, and cut some smaller support posts for the mounting board/bottom plexiglas. Oh, and fill/sand/ and prep the box.

That’s not final art, I was just messing around with some pictures. It’s actually going to be a megaman stick and that Munny is going to be the matching mega man, hence the montana paint cans next to it :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I’m always looking for advice on this stick.


Dude, go with that Batman, Superman artwork!


that’s awesome. i like the look of red oak. maybe not a stain but something that brings out the natural color?

what are your plans for the munny doll?

here’s my munny album :stuck_out_tongue:

not hijacking, just sharing :slight_smile: keep us posted with the worklog.


^wtf is that?
anyways, your stick is looking good… keep updating us :slight_smile:


it’s a pyramid head munny doll i did up. the doll in the pic above is the same as the one posing with his arcade stick.


ahhh now i see it… lol


Looks good so far, what do you plan to do as far as paint goes? Are you planning on painting it w/ Montana? Great paint for graffiti but probably not the best for a stick.


I actually not sure if I’m going to paint the stick or just do something like stain or whatever. Maybe something like pixeldotz said, just to bring out the natural colour. (also, cool munny. The sword is bad ass)

The montana I bought for the munny because the colour accuracy is f-ing dead on. If I paint the stick I might use it or might just find something more appropriate for wood.


Nice Stupid-Gti :wink-wink:


busted!!! lol


so far so good, keep it up dude


Just wanted to say that the artwork rocks, Dark Knight Returns is my favorite Batman book ever.
“I want you to remember, Clark… in all the years to come… in your most private moments… I want you to remember my hand at your throat… I want you to remember the one man who beat you…”*

Frank Miller rules.


Awesome stick so far. You might want to consider taking a rough half round file and round out the top and corner edges just a little bit maybe a 2-3mm radius, then sand it down smooth. The corners look like they may hurt.


I’m stuck.

The mounting board for the buttons /stick is too thick to screw the buttons in.

I should router out the bottom a bit but all I have is this

No bits or anything. I’m at a loss for what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


Home depot is your friend. youll need a straight bit for that bad boy.


I went to home depot and got a straight bit. Worked like a charm. Sorta. Not as “clean” a router as I’d like but it 100% got the job done. Next up, mounting the jlf.

Thanks for your help butteroj


Made some good progress today.


looking good!


Yeah, Frank Miller really understands Batman (I’m the god damn Batman? wtf, I thought this was a joke the first time I read it).

Anyways, the box looks nice as hell man.


I love the pyramid head munny doll!

I am a huge Silent Hill fan.