Check out my channel

Was wondering if you could check out my youtube channel and give me advice on how to grow. thanks in advance

I would like to see some kind of a mirror match weekend, atleast something special or more of the unrepresented characters, the representation of certain characters at other channels is a bit lacking imo.

Stop spamming the board with your channel (another thread in less than 24 hours New Street fighter channel that would be my first advice because I for example won’t bother to open the link now.

If you want to grow, do it the right way, upload content and share the videos in the threads dedicated for a character’s videos in the sub-forums, if you’re offering something that a billion other street fighter channels don’t such as Yoga or whoever, maybe people will subscribe.

Yeah i was just looking for help mate ill delete both. How do you delete topics of forums

I will do that mate. Gave me a good idea thanks

Yeah, making two threads isn’t going to help at all

How do you delete threads?