Check out my cool arcade parts!

Usually my stuff is disorganized when it comes to buttons and joysticks. What sort of containers do you guys use to store arcade parts? I need some advice on this. Seems kinda random, but I would like to have a nice collection of parts being stored.

Why don’t you just get a generic tackle box? It’s a cheap solution.

More artists buy those to store art supplies than those branded art tackle boxes which are practically the same thing!

A tackle box could definitely fit buttons and other small pieces.

Tackle Box! Thats it!. I was hoping more like a clear container of multiple compartments, but I suppose this can work. Thanks.

The problem with getting half the containers intended for specific product is that the companies that make them charge more than what most consumers think they’re worth!

(Artists get screwed on art supplies in most areas… When office supply stores carried better art supply stock, I routinely got paper and drawing pencils and markers from them because they were cheaper than the brands art supply stores were selling!)

It’s generally cheaper to adapt other containers for your own purposes than to buy task-specific containers and brand names. That’s why I recommended a tackle box. Cheap, very generic, but adaptable.

Hmm… Tackle box… that may work for storing buttons and sticks… I wonder if I can get one with little cubbies big enough for individual buttons…

I use ziplock bags for smaller parts, such as crimp connectors. As for larger parts, almost any kind of box would work, as long as its large enough to store all your parts. A cheap tackle box from office supply stores or hardware section of Target or Wal-mart would work. Also cheap rubbermaid boxes would also work.

I use a tackle box and a little plastic organizer I got from the Beads / Craft dept. at Wal- Mart

Stanley Hand Tools : 014166R - Stanley® Double Sided Tool Organizer

i use this

I use these for arcade parts and other stuff. They can be found cheap at Wal-Mart or similar, and they stack! Just got another column of them since I was running out of space.

We do similar to RoboKrikit, we have a drawer for each color combo that we are waiting to use (30/24 buttons, ball top & shaft cover) with a drawer dedicated to wires, connectors, etc. Padhacks we store in these $2 pencil boxes we found at Staples. Sticks are kept in their boxes until used.

Damn Robo,
I have the exact thing you have, except mine is like all diskombobulated with various parts.

I keep loose buttons in there, but for buttons that came in from Akihabarashop orders and stuff I have the actual full-size plastic drawers that look like those (from Wal-Mart). I just leave them on the tape and put bubble wrap between the layers. Keeping them on tape the way Per ships them is nice, since they don’t rattle around and get scratched up.

I use these…

Got them from the hardware store for around $20 for the big one, and $15 or so each for the smaller ones.

and these for around a $1 each at the Dollar store.

I use these:

._. i just keep my spare parts in the neat little boxes from Lizardlick that they came in. with the wrapping and packaging peanuts…

my stuff is all over the place, on book shelves, my coffee table, the floor, i guess i’m not a very tidy modder :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty. Where do you get yours?

i combine all mine in a ziploc

I need a better storing system.

These work good, too. Available at craft stores.