Check out my cover story in the San Diego Reader


I wrote this story over the summer for my journalism class and the Reader liked it enough to buy it off me and put it on the cover. SF4 is my game of choice now, but this is a story about my days back in the Quake/Doom scene. Enjoy SRK!:


good read. congrats


interesting read.

pics of the gf?!

jk, this is srk, i had to ask.


Really enjoyed the article, man. Gives me drive to get better and compete when SSF4 comes out. Gonna step up my game and prove myself.

Again, I enjoyed it. Good stuff. handshake


Wow, you came close to beating rocketboy. Even though I didn’t follow the Doom 3 scene as much as the Quake 3 scene, even I know who Rocketboy is. Much props man.


Nice, good read


I actually picked up this Reader a few months ago. Strong ending. Good to see SRK talent pushing on.


Your article is by far the best piece of writing that has ever found its way into the Street Writer forum.


very cool! :slight_smile:


Haha, you wrote that, i remember reading that. Grats