"Check out my custom console and controller!"

I thought it might be a good idea to start a custom console & control pad thread seeing as there are quite alot of pad players out there.

This is a Dreamcast case supplied to me from jUttmANN22! and he wanted a simple colour change but instead I recommended we go for a Morrigan theme to make it a little more interesting.

I used the typical colours found in her theme which was metallic black, marble purple with ghost bat symbols, turquoise and white to seperate the bold colours.

Hope you like!

Wow that’s some nice work B15! I like the subtle batman logos, didn’t see them at 1st.

That looks AMAZING! :wow:

You make me want to puke!

In a good way though.

Jeez, I wish I had someone local that would paint my systems for me, but shipping to and from London would be too killer to make it worthwhile.

Holy shit thats hot. Nice play B. I can honestly say i’ve never considered giving my DC any kind of overhaul (aside from updating the Agetec to a sanwa setup, but keeping 'em green). That’s beautiful, and i wish i had someone near me to do that kinda work… or if i would have the tools/ability/time to do it myself. Very cool.

Well, OP is thread kill. Pretty tough to follow that act.


Top banana!!!11 Sam this has come out even better than I expected!! I cannot thank you enough for this, you have turned an amazing console into a work of art! … and those subtle bat details … !!! AMAZING … I’m all excited! :stuck_out_tongue:

yo that is a beast.

@ Jutman, see ya later on today with my sticks ??

Have my man babies and teach them your 1337 skills. drool

I considered doing a custom paint job on my SNES, But it be nowhere as nice as this B15

Hey bro, yup all done and tasty!!! Bring on super turbo! :stuck_out_tongue:

that DC is cherry! XD


should be by the hospital by 8ish, ill give you a ring on approach

b15, dude your modding talents kno no end! great shit as everything you touch. if i ever come into semi large quantities of expendable cash, i want to fly you to the states to mod my entire house :smiley:

What, no custom VMU?

jk that DC is fucking awesome!

B15 amazes yet again. good work sir

cough! bump