Check out my modded hori ex2

Sanwa buttons, sanwa octa restrictor, and sanwa ball top…all i need is my sanwa microswitches to arrive!! Do you guys like it?
template by Donovan Myers…

It’s definitely a nice build. Good work dude.

How much did it cost in the end?

dremel- 50 bucks
8 Sanwa buttons- 24 bucks
Sanwa Micro Switches- 16 bucks
Sanwa GT-Y Restrictor- 5 bucks
2 Color Template things- 3 bucks :smiley:
18 gauge connect wire- 6 bucks
Exacto Knife- 5 bucks
Hori Ex2- about 50-60 bucks on Amazon.
If u got all the tools obviously cheaper…but it was a fun project cannot wait to mod my friends!!!

P.S thanks to jangofatts guide on and donovan myers super skill with photoshop!

oops ball top was 3 bucks!!