Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

New Thread.

Link to old thread: “Check out my new arcade stick!” Thread - Part Uno"

Thought it would be nice to have a link to the old thread. Many good resources and ideas there.

I had a feeling this day would come. All the junk srk members was putting into the custom stick thread. There was more chit chat then custom stick pics. O well hope this thread is more and better then the old

This is my new 360 TE stick. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but it has sentimental value.

I traded my valuable dual mods for this stick!

Thanks to Saqs for making the trade!

you have a very nice stick there Upas (no homo). what modifications have you done to it besides removing it from its original packaging?

nice deal upas

Well, I have a dual mod and artwork/color mod planned for it, but I have not yet done anything. Also, if you look at the top right screw, I kinda got rid of some of the black on it by accident.

It doesn’t matter though man, I’m proud of this stick and the trade I made for it!

Thanks man! I’m really greatful to Saqs. He really helped me out.

My custom and utilitarian stick, which I finished today. Now we got a custom in this thread…madcatz 4716 pad hack inside, ls-32 and ps-14-gn buttons.

360 TE, dual modded with cthulu and imp.
sanwa buttons and jlf.
arthong full panel plexi (not in the best condition, don’t let your stick be in the back seat of your friend’s car on a bumpy road… scratched plexi and side… white thing. :()

plans: red meshball
black arrow dustwasher

Decided to finally post mine, although it is pretty plain but it is just in time for marvel :slight_smile:
Prehacked PS1 DS PCB from
Case from
Happ Parts from Ponyboy
Wiring Done by Myself (which is why im not showing a picture of it)
I use Converters so I can play on PC, GC, and Xbox360

This is my FightStick.
There are many like it, but this one is MINE.

Sorry, I had to. I’ve actually grown to love the TE as it comes from the box. I find very few custom TEs with artwork that looks as though it belongs on the stick, even if the artwork itself is beautiful.

I’d like to think mine fits…

Dark Tower Stick

This is my second controller I made for a friend who is a Stephen King fan.

Incoming finkle

Credit to NeoBlood for the original blazblue template, edited a lot to fit with my layout and size

edit: got it solved

use a fine point brush and the original paint you used to paint the case. it wont look perfect but its a spot touchup which shoudlbe as noticable as the chipping.

The case is still a Work in Progress still needs the innards wired up, but I guess the attention whore in me really wanted to be on the first page of this thread. Ironic to get a metal case only to make it look wood. Aluminum case by NHTRAN328.

Makes me wanna play Atari.

Similar to the Blue Metal stick I posted on the last thread.

Stick Album here.

Edit: Just finished Stick Insides.


Ready To Rock and Roll.

Just finished my SE couple days ago here’s the finished product What do you guys think???

rtd those r sweat

Sorry. Just wanted to be on the first page.
Here ya go. A random carbon case I made.

good cutting on the balrog art!

here my bros 360 stick. Sanwa parts