Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

My finished TE:

Xbox native w/ TEasy strike, rollie wht pearl buttons with sanwa micros, butteroj wht pearl balltop, custom wht/wht pearl paint, tek-innovations plexi with Hokusai’s “the great wave” etching, manhattan usb, water color cherry blossom art on the bottom (some other things done too). Let me know what ya guys think!

Amazing design H1gg1n5, Great looking stick!

Cool MK stick, Kowal. What switches are you using these days?

Nice to see you around.

That’s a lot of win there Charlie. Happ still in the house! Now if I can get off my ass and finish up this other project. Honda needs some face time!

love the uniqueness of your TE…

Guys i wanted to apply the metal top to some new sticks im making rather than boring out MDF tops. Whats the metal used on the TE sticks? they seem really ridged. I can prop them up in the guts for added strength. And also what the best tool to cut it with?

LOL EDIT - i always seem to fins out my answer after i post!

Here’s my first try:

i think i like it, but the picture is kinda blurry. Might be good from far but far from good :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the buttons! That thing looks great man

still use only cherry KWJ, 2 years ago I buy last 50 pcs in local suzo

Love the Okami art. The Gringo stick is awesome too, that is the best balltop eva!!!

ok so I finally got my new EmptyShiki case up and going.
I used a PS1 DS PCB for easy compatibility with any system I may encounter. (Just got stock up on convertors now)
Im using it on my 360 with a Joytech X360 convertor and it feels totally lagless.
Sanwa Buttons and Stick.
The case is made of Leopardwood.

I printed off a few images from DeviantArt so I could have some temporary art. Still waiting on BigWorm to return to the Stick Art thread (Hope hes Ok)

I went with the Galactus art and I used my MVC3 button configuration as the inspiration for my button scheme.

Heres some better shots of the wood since its so pretty.

Leopard wood, I approve this^^^

I love the Day of the Dead stick.

This is brilliant!

Could I get a link to the art from that Black Shadaloo stick please?

Liking the new look to the forum, a makeover was well over due.

Heres a custom stick I completed on the last set of orders.

@Pilgrim_Pud, that’s a bad ass joystick!

The Contructivist art movement is by far one of my favourites… The colours and the geometry are so classic.

Damn you B15. You put my Sputnik TE to shame hehehe