Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

someday, i will have one of those '22s in my hands

Had to take some pics of the inside of my Q3, so the Qanba guy can send me a replacement lithium battery. Thought I’d take a picture of my collection thus far while I was at it.

I bought the TE just for collection purposes, but I mostly use my Q4. I was thinking of getting rid of my Q3, because of the dead battery issue, but I might keep it now since cos it looks pretty sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks bro, i gave it 5 coats of laquer and 3 coats of spray i am going to buff and wax it today. me personally id leave the wood with no play field back ground, but its my friends now he wants me to make him a hellsing back ground


That is a really nice case! The top panel almost looks like a lid to cover/protect all the buttons. something like that would work brilliantly with Phreakmod detachable shaft. Nice work

I see… what places are that? Websites?

New at this… Just want an arcade stick with 6 buttons.

I didn’t see this posted here, and I’m surprised it’s not. But here’s vVv REO’s custom HitBox. All credit goes to Napalm for posting this on the vVv Forums.

A one of a kind masterpiece.

My first custom build in years, made for a friend of mine.

Paewang PCB.
Sanwa Buttons for the face plate and Seimitsu for Turbo / Home / Start / Select.

Wiring didn’t end up as clean as I wanted it. I was going to wrap the wires with spiral band but for some reason I failed at measuring and ended up with cables that where too short to do anything pretty with.

dan ftmfw there isn’t alot of dan love in this thread

Dan hitbox it full of win! <3 it!

Case build so clean man! NICE! =D

Thats a very clean and simple build. I like it!
Love the Dan art as well.
you can always rewire it later, sometime you just gotta get it done so you can play :wink:

My new custom Hatsune Miku mayflash stick, finally finished:

Dunno why the second one is vertical when I upload, it shows up horizontal in Windows. O_o Oh well.

Noticeable part of the Dan is exit for the USB.
I like that being.

Agreed. I think that shows a lot of thoughtfulness and practicality.

Castigation: nicest hitbox ever seen, good job

man that last page was full of win.

i want these kind of empty boxes. where can i find to buy?

Ask b15 about them. Please delete images when you quote or you will wear out all of our scroll wheels.

My mouse just died because of this.
I’m really.

If you want a Case, you ask him to make one.