Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


The red acrylic looks really, really good. Do you buy it like that or do you have some sort of dying process?


@DoctorForHire, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure FTW! XD


PS3 MVC2 TE. Decided to replace the PS3 PCB w/ a PS1 pad. I have an inPin and Xtokki waiting to be used. Just need some new artwork and fix up the PCB/wiring.

Just got this today!! I’m very excited to use this later tonight!!! Pictures (Especially from crappy cell cameras) don’t do it justice. It’s a lot cooler (or dick) in person.


This is probably a repost, but I’m still stoked. Looks even better in person. Please ignore my little brother’s hand, a shipping mixup resulted in it being shipped to my parents’ house rather than my on base address.


You should name that case line… Acrylix.


Don’t know when I’ll have this 100% modded to my specs, so I figured I might as well post it up right now anyways.

  • Casing: Mad Catz Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom case
  • Joystick: JLF with Link shaft, LS-55 spring, Octogonal-gate, Tek-Innovations black arrow dustwasher, black bat-top
  • Main buttons: 8x Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm clear screw-ins, with re-drawn SF-style punch and kick icons
  • Secondary buttons: 2x Seimitsu PS-14-DKN 24mm clear screw-ins, with an addition plastic sheet to cover up the gaps
  • Turbo panel: stock buttons, with the stock PCB removed, and installed tactile microswitches behind the Turbo and Home buttons
  • PCB: Paewang Revolution
  • Connector: Silver Neutrik USB A-B with black rubber boot
  • LED: one single ArcEye2 (currently set to red) on a light-up-on-press on my blue punch button

Inside: Not too shabby of wiring, I don’t think. The stock PCB has been removed (no sense in wasting a perfectly usable PCB just for the Home/Turbo contacts), rigged up some perf-board with some tactile microswitches for those two buttons. The two smaller daughter-boards serve specific purposes: one is connected to any of the main perf-board contacts, the other is the hex inverter for the light-up-on-press for the ArcEye2 LED.

Still to come for this stick:

  • Custom top panel from blklighting (hopefully he’ll get around to my order soon)
  • New art (dependant on the new top panel)
  • Slide-switches in the Lock and LS/DP/RS slots for some specific functions I have in mind (need to find the proper sizes of switches)
  • Remove the Paewang, and put in an ImpV2/MCCthulhu/4716 setup, and replace the Neutrik USB A-B with a Switchcraft RJ-45 (eventually)
  • Replace JLF PCB with Toodles’ Spark (maybe… though after that, there will be very little of the stick that’s actually stock JLF)


Here’s a brawlstick I decided to tart up as I didn’t have a 360 stick of my own. I like to keep my sticks simple so I used matt white enamel spray paint on the faceplate and finished it with Sanwa clears (smoke and white) and a Seimitsu smoke bubble top. Very happy with the result!


I’ve been really lazy, and haven’t even uploaded these pictures -laughs-

These are my two T5Hori sticks that I modded.

First up my Okami Stick.

30mm Purple Semitsu Clear SnapIns
Sanwa JLF with Semitsu Purple bubbletop
Tek-Innovations Plexi+Top Loaders
24mm Black Sanwa Screw Ins (St/Sel/Home)
Neutrik Cat5 Port

Madcatz 360 SF Fightpad
Godlike Controls MC Cthulhu Board
FG Widget (First install ever of it)
I used regular LED’s I got from Fry’s for this one.

Deadly Poison

30mm Pink Semitsu Snap Ins
Sanwa JLF with Semitsu Pink bubbletop
Phreakmodz Link (Not in picture)
Tek-Innovations Plexi+Top Loaders
24mm Pink Sanwa Screw Ins (St/Sel/Home)
Switch to activate/deactivate Start/Select/Home
Neutrik Cat5 Port

Madcatz 360 SF Fightpad
Godlike Controls MC Cthulhu Board
FG Widget
KNserts in the buttons

Pink Skull Stencil, original black casing shown.


Neither did my post…


Decided to give my new Fusion Ivory a more personal look, but without messing with the simple style of it…


i finally got my art and plexis in, big thanks to deathzero for making the artwork


Interim art till my buddy draws me something. And I put in a round gate for some lols


i gotta say it…Dat Ass…


I could understand modding a TE Rd 1 or 2, but not a more rare MadCatz stick like the MvC 2-3, FF, and CC sticks. That Gambit stick is nice.


Found this guy tonight. The buttons look to be 24mm but I haven’t measured. As it says in bright colors, it’s called the “PsychoPad K.O.”, and is “HYPER Programmable 10 in 1” and works with the SNES, Saturn, and PSX, but mine only came with the PSX cable. The only information I can seem to find about this thing is the magazine ad scans above from and a couple ebay listings. If anyone has extra information about this thing, I’d love to learn more.


Made this stick about half a year ago. 3rd stick i ever made, but still proud of it.
Made everything myself (well, except of the artwork, it`s by tsuji santa and snyp), including the case. the photos are a llittle old, i did some minor tweaks by now, like properly mounting the pcb to the case and stuff, but you get the idea ^^
Sanwa JLF with octo-gate and seimitsu clear buttons. PCB by a Datel ArcadePro (X360/PS3/PC)


This is my first custom fightstick.Parts are:Sanwa jlf stick,seimitsu semi clear buttons.I’ve chosen Borderlands as a theme because I love that game and wanted to do something different.Box is hand painted by Giorgos Taxidis.

Hope admins don’t mind for providing information about the artist.

Full album here:


Amazing Stick and Art :tup . Could you pm me How much you paid and Where he’s located?


It’s been a while since I added a stick to this thread. This is a HRAP3 with the top from an exclusive HRAP2.

Just added a felt bottom so it won’t slide. Got the idea from EightArc sticks.


LOVE the hand painted box art, don’t see to many of those around now do u? and the theme to the stick is f**king amazing cause i love that game too. now the question is if ur gonna make another for the BOARDERLANDS 2?