Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


Dude, you have gone about it in completely the wrong way.

You can get Paewang boards in the UK for around the £30 price. They are marketed as Datel ArcadePro sticks in the West and cost a fraction of the price.

As for your other needs, I currently sell a large selection of custom PCB’s in the UK and will be selling the brand new PS360+ untis. A much larger and up to date selection than Gremlins. Also carry new joysticks, buttons, and other modding accessories. I am gunning for that company because they currently enjoy a monopoly on the UK market so they can get away with charging very high prices. Once my own business becomes official then at the very least it will force Gremlins to lower their prices to compete.

My own experience has been the opposite when ordering from China, Japan, US, and Thailand. Even with shipping costs, when ordered in bulk there has been a significant lower price than if going by Gremlins alone.



Agreed. Gremlin don’t add VAT on until the very last part of the transaction which is a bit craft too if you ask me.


I know and I will but Bewlix Series 1&2 are limited edition and the only ones that you made in limited run “Series” before starting to dedicated exclusive in custom orders. So like the Female Fatale TE,Comic Con TE,VLX,HSS-0130… their are rare :slight_smile: specially Series 2 that it’s Gremlin exclusive. I don’t even think anyone has it on the US. :tup:


Lol - all B15’s sticks could be described as exclusives!


Lol- Custom orders and limited run “series” are 2 different things. Series you can collect them all!


Finally get the chance to post this up, but I hope this doesn’t get drowned out, considering this is posted on the same page as not one, but TWO B15 sticks AND a Byrdo stick.

This is the sister-stick to the Neptune-stick I posted about 4 months ago ( ); the build is exactly the same.

This stick was fully functional about 3-1/2 months ago, but didn’t have the bottom panel completed (I was lazy to drill out my metal panel, so I had an ABS panel there as a stand-in… for 3-1/2 months). As expected, this one is named the “Sylvia-stick”.


  • Artwork is Sylvia Christel from “No More Heroes”; main artwork on the left, with a faint black & white outlined shot on the right side
  • Top panel is 14"x8.5" (legal-size paper in landscape view), casing is 15.5"x10"
  • Wooden case, painted with a hammered-metal-texture gloss black (or so the can says; it doesn’t look quite that black)
  • All Seimitsu screw-in buttons; color-swapped parts for the most commonly used buttons
  • JLF with GT-Y octogonal restrictor with standard Sanwa shaft- and dust-covers, with a Sanwa red bat-top
  • Layout is my “straight-Viewlix”, with all the buttons on the face


  • Switchcraft RJ-45 pass-through with Neutrik rubber boot on the stick-side
  • Unused 24mm hole covered by a blank Neutrik plate with rubber boot on the button side, both for visual symmetry and future expansion of connectors
  • Exactly 2" tall (not counting the rubber feet)


  • 1/4" rubber feet
  • Metal panel with polycarbonate covering
  • Faint artwork of Sylvia Christel (that circular thing in the middle is the reflection of my pot-light on my ceiling)

Clearer (but uglier) shot with flash:


  • PCBs: Imp V2, MC Cthulhu, MadCatz 4716 controller
  • All PCBs are mounted on an ABS plastic “mounting panel”
  • Extra mounting panel available for additional PCBs
  • Threaded inserts for all top and bottom panel screws
  • Funny, this is NEWER than my Neptune-stick, with the exact same innards, but my wiring is messier…


I have it.
And the Series 1.


If you ever want to sell this, please send me a PM. that stick is so badass


Everyone has such a awesome sticks. I am getting my parts this weekend from Nitewalker, so hopefully I will be able to upload my stick.


Nice :). Do you have a picture of both together? I would like to see the difference between them.


did this a while ago, a friend of mine took a few pics for me.
It has an LED mod by networkingyuppy. (not at the time this picture was taken.)

also, my headphones are awesome.


But they’re just Sony headphones…


A thread needs to me made just for pics of sticks with headphones!!!


Installed some of my led lit red and blue pearl balls on my mame cab…


That’ll be 20 dollars, welcome to Korea nikka.


I can contribute. Make it so.


I was waiting to get my stick, but I think will start if off now. = ]


that arranged can be [/russian accent]


My pic came out bad. :frowning:

LS-58-01 and Sanwa OBSF-30RG. 360 Fightpad + IMP v2 inside.


always wanted to get a v3sa. how are those?
heard people say they felt flimsy and lightweight for its price when it just came out.

also what kinda headphones are those? looks comfy