Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


Bah. Finally got the hitbox together (panel made by blklightning, bought it from butteroj. Parts from FocusAttack). Will fix the art later when I’m not lazy. Few minor tweaks. Tell me what you guys think about the red on the BG and also the button rim colors (any and all suggestions welcome on the colors especially). I think solid may work better, but LEDs wouldn’t be doable then =( I may make the directionals solid red at some point.

Suffering from a case of blurrycam.

More pics (angles, closeup, and insides)


Edit : Also, I thought it was just a Seimitsu thing, but the Sanwa OBSCs are kinda muted on the sound too. I guess cos it’s more than just one piece on the plunger? Boo. I like the clickity clack of loud buttons.


I dont think i ever posted any of my own stuff… let’s see here

continuing the theme of pink is awesome:
my first ever mod/overhaul. purchased off ebay stock when vanilla released on PC.
sanwa everything and cthulhu. now it’s just empty on the inside

my latest acquisition and currently my favorite stick

my second stick i got since vanilla came out. my all time beater/practice stick

AFTER: From SE back to SA, and then some. heh heh

also various TE’s, Rd1 for looking at, Rd2 Black Stealth mod coming soon. Carbon stick somewhere, PSX namco’s. Ascii PSX. Hori T5 from goodwill of all places.
nothin spectacular


I have that same stick. Love it, but waiting on a white 6-button plexi.


i considered getting a plexi too but i dont wanna lose that Special Addition shine. six button all the way!


I was referring to the Qanba. ;p

I typically don’t feel the need to replace non-character art. I’m keeping the Sanrio art on the SFXS stick though.


ah ok. well since it was… “limited” i thought i’d just keep it as is. heh


Modded one of those awful looking WWE Brawl Sticks.


@ empire of death -Very clean !


I saw this at an anime convention in one of the dealer booths, hilarious, so bought I it just for laughs. But when I opened it up, it’s actually decent, super nice JLF clone (better than madcatz’s) with an octo gate. I cleaned and re-lubricated the the lever, also put actual JLF parts in it like the spring and square gate (it already used omron switches). also did more by replacing the button’s switches with sanwa sw-68’s. it’s now a decent poverty stick.


That poverty stick is one of the more comfortable sticks I’ve ever used (DC version). Nice sensible mods.


how much poverty?


You’d have to be pretty hungry to try eating it, that’s for sure.


Hello everyone! Here`s a little mod (SRK user: chowwun) did for my HORI Fighting Stick V3
-Sanwa OBSC-30s
-Neutrik Jack


2013 is the year where I start spending more time on projects again.


Happy New Year Check my Arcade Stick Thread. Hopefully We can bring more awesome projects in 2013 to keep FGC alive. Thank you very much.
This my FoeHammer Bad Boy Stick no pcb yet waiting on that Ps360 + from ParadiseArcade :slight_smile: Love you guys thanks for everything. Keep up the good work.


BBB brining back the PJs for 2013. NICE!

Digging that hex dust cover, nice touch.

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BBB - dat shit is sexay

Happy new Years broskies.


BBB order an rj45 for that. I’ve broke way way way too many USB feedthroughs

Fucking hex dust washer is the shit!!


Toronto has an awesome scene for modders, be it Markham, Scarborough or Downtown and a lot of my dual mods/electronic mods come from chowwun/KrossMods but I’ve gotten stuff done by the three other great modders, Jamin3131, mr.mortified and therobin~

Just saved a Chun-Li TE-S stick, the condition when I got it was less than stellar or not to my standards, scuffed case, worn down JLF, scuffed and scratched white bezel and missing hex screw, just slightly cleaned it up with a full plexi to protect the beauty(though I do take a lot of care out of my sticks) along with a cleanly executed dual mod:

Can anyone tell me what kind of nuts the TE sticks uses to hold the hex screws in for the top panel? I need to replace one and then buy a set of hex screws from Focus Attack when I have time in the future as well as probably a yellow bezel for this stick(or paint the SOUL edition bezel).


If I never see that Chun-Li art again, it’ll be too soon.

M4 x 12mm screws