Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


What up everybody, this is a stick we created for Pro, Tinh “MINE” Ngo. He provided the graphic, we did the rest. Custom FH Stealth shape, Metallic Red/Orange Paint. Sanwa JLF joystick, Sanwa screw-in push button’s, Neutrik USB (painted to match), painted 40mm recessed non-slip feet. Dual Mod via Cthulhu/Imp/Pad. Custom FH dustwasher and orange bubble ball top.


^maybe its the color, but theres a very lexus look to that design


sweet dust washer.


Hey guys, I have finally finished my arcade stick. I would like to thank Toodles for the MC Cthulhu, Arcade Shock and Focus Attack for the stick and buttons and Interact for the case. For those who care this is my third post of this stick. Originally this was the unfortunate “Shadow Blade” produced by Interact and hated by everyone. I’ve thought that the design of the case was very original and wanted to make something special (also I’m a tinkering fein). So I bought the case online and decided to have a go. People said I would “regret it” and boy did I. but after watching this thing come to life, it turned out alright in my opinion. I submit for your approval, out of the Shadows. The “ShadowBlade”.

Innards are all Sanwa Buttons, Sanwa JLF and MC Cthulhu. I wrapped the wire in an awkward way trying to imitate the more advanced modders and builders I’ve seen on this forum. USB was a little long but I didn’t want to cut it so I just looped it around a bit.




Other Side

Back W/panel and plexi

Back with LED (Run on 3 AAs)

Any criticisms? The button layout is a little funky but after about 5 minutes it becomes natural. I know 8 button is dick but I didn’t have the heart to cover the buttons (or I was too lazy).

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If you’re referring to a car, I would compare it more to an Infinity than a Lexus.


Happy New Year fellow members.

Here’s another custom finished a while back based on O-Ren Ishii.


Looks like a nice case to hold. Lovely finish where the black and white sections meet.


this needs to be the theme of B’s next stick, me thinks

fun fact: Gordon Liu something something


Thanks. It was hard to find something to base the shape of the case on so kind of went with O-Ren’s sandal.

^^That’s what im like when I cant find a tool or fixing I have misplaced. You will see the same results when I make a screw up.

The artwork is the easy bit. Im talking a complete revamp, just go mental on it.


Would like to share my stick. Nothing fancy nor advanced. Just changed the buttons/artwork/paintjob:


I love the art. Didn’t get the reference at first but then it clicked and I got it.


Thanks. This is not my original art and I can’t properly credit the maker since I got this off the internet. So to whoever made this, thanks!


I don’t get it :frowning:


Shame on you for not breaking bad.


I dont get it lol


It’s from the show “Breaking Bad.” They cook meth in an RV.


doh i dont watch that show. i thought it was walking dead for a second but i saw the gas mask and thought, that cant be right.


Very nice. I have a soft spot in my heart for HRAPs and I love Breaking Bad. I thought The Walking Dead when I first saw the RV, then I noticed the two lawn chairs and the gas mask and my mind instantly went to Walter and Jesse. Great stuff.


Hi guys, just wanted to share my thought on my new Qanba Q1
It is my first arcade stick, got a good price on it ( about 100$ shipped and new).
I really like it, maybe because im new to these but the buttons are really responsive and almost silent and the joystick feels good. The packaging is great for a starter pack as well, the stick came with two button caps, a round , square and octogonal gate aswell. (octogonal gate is the go for me).

The look is pretty sweet in my opinion, simple and yet effective with the start button away from the right hand. I dont have any pictures of the inside for the moment but it is all really clean and easy to access. Well thats pretty much it, back to KOF !


Is it stable when it’s clamped to a ledge?