Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


I don’t get it :frowning:


Shame on you for not breaking bad.


I dont get it lol


It’s from the show “Breaking Bad.” They cook meth in an RV.


doh i dont watch that show. i thought it was walking dead for a second but i saw the gas mask and thought, that cant be right.


Very nice. I have a soft spot in my heart for HRAPs and I love Breaking Bad. I thought The Walking Dead when I first saw the RV, then I noticed the two lawn chairs and the gas mask and my mind instantly went to Walter and Jesse. Great stuff.


Hi guys, just wanted to share my thought on my new Qanba Q1
It is my first arcade stick, got a good price on it ( about 100$ shipped and new).
I really like it, maybe because im new to these but the buttons are really responsive and almost silent and the joystick feels good. The packaging is great for a starter pack as well, the stick came with two button caps, a round , square and octogonal gate aswell. (octogonal gate is the go for me).

The look is pretty sweet in my opinion, simple and yet effective with the start button away from the right hand. I dont have any pictures of the inside for the moment but it is all really clean and easy to access. Well thats pretty much it, back to KOF !


Is it stable when it’s clamped to a ledge?


Haven’t tried it yet. I keep the clamps on because it gives it a nice angle when its on table. Ill try them later after work and let you know.


i recently got a q1 cut… i’d say its pretty stable, but i wouldn’t lean my whole body weight on it. But yeah, it will not move around while playing. the clamps themselves are nice too and from what i’ve been using, doesn’t leave any markings on the table. the clamps give a nice angle on its own too :slight_smile:

the proprietary Qanba lever is very nice too, smooth and snappy, very competent, comparable to JLF and LS-58. only flaw i can say is how cheaper the shaft cover , balltop, and dustwasher feel, but those can been easily replaced (its a JLF clone, so parts fit). The gates provided are nice too, i dont use octo or circle gates, but having the option is nice. As for the buttons, they were instantly replaced, I wasn’t expecting much, but they felt a bit cheap and chunky, nice gloss and flat shape though.


B15SDM alien stick review - Make sure you watch the HD version its alot better “enjoy friends”



Just got a WWE Brawlstick to mod a couple weeks ago, and finally got it all done today!


Choopy how did you paint it?


we’re Blanka stick brothers


I used Krylon fusion in a darker green (the only color green I could find) and then did a few coats of green Velspar spray paint on top. I put a matte clear over it too to protect it, although I’m not sure how durable it’ll be over time or anything.

Sick! I’m glad to see another one, don’t see too many Blanka sticks. Awesome you used the blue Blanka, haha. He’s such a colorful guy…


Not too too well.

It’ll probably wear off through time.

I recommend you sand your plastic before your coat it with any kind of paint.



I actually did sand it, though I do expect it to wear over time. That’s ok though, I’ll probably build a shell for it in the future. Mostly I just got the brawlstick since it’s my first fight stick and it was on sale for $30, hard to go wrong I guess.


Troyism did mine. I bought it from him, though I rewired it and did some other things. He did the art.


Hi everyone, this seems like the right place for my first post (haven’t found an introduction thread yet).
I’ve got to take better pics of my stick collection, but for starters here is my most used panel.