Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Dat yoko stick makes me drool every time I see it. That vinyl wrap is awesome syn.

Been frequenting arcades in Chicago lately and got an itch for some American style sticks after playing hours of head-to-head MK2 and SF2 Champion Ed.

MK Stick (360) - This was just a part swap. IL joystick and competition buttons.

SFA Stick (360) - Brought this sucker back from the dead (it was literally in pieces) with some hardware and wood glue, a TE PCB, IL joystick, competition buttons, and I replaced the front xbox port with a plastic plate to support the headset jack coming from the PCB. Start, Back, and Guide have been relocated to the right side of the stick while the original start/select buttons on the top panel have been plugged along with buttons 7 & 8. The art and top panel are still in very excellent condition, although the photo makes the art look washed out.

man, I need to make my stick sexier.

That comb compartment is an outstanding idea, B15. :tup:

Just picked this up at NCR from the Eightarc booth. Might end up being my new tournament stick. I replaced the stock Qanba parts for Sanwa. Though, the stock parts are quite good, feel very close to Seimitsu. The switch itself actually looks very similar to the Seimitsu PS-14-D. I also dual modded it with a Paewang PCB. I had to break out my dremel to clear some space out, but very little for the Paewang. I did notice that the guys at the Marvelous Customs booth had to do a little more work for one of their customers.

I have a quick question for my stick (I’ll post it soon. B&W Mirage TMNT themed Brawlstick). 1, can I remove the sticker thing with the MadCatz and WWE junk? I see some people left it on their sticks. Two, I want to put felt on the bottom. What kind should I use and should I poke holes in it for the screws or put it over the screws?

@FH wow amazing job!!!
Maybe the coolest Ive seen u post here.
I dont know if its by design, aa coincidental optical illusion, photo angle or whatever, but that front on pic makes the stick look about 1/2 height of customs you n b15 make. The other pics seem to show its thinner than a usual one but not quite as thin as that front on pic seems to give the impression of. Me Like!!!

Here are a couple of revised models of the hybrid controllers that use a PS2 D-pad and this time 8 x 30mm buttons.
I made the shape a more ergonomic and sleeker. The unique aspect on this one is that the D-Pad uses Sanwa micro switches. If your interested, drop me a message through my website as I have some empty cases available.

I may get one in the future if it had a Wii DPad.

I can make it with any dpad you like. Only reason your seeing them in PS dpads is because customer wanted it.

Is there a chance you could build a controller using the Madcatz MLG Pro Controler D-pads. My biggest concern about pads in general is that if one thing goes out, you basically have to scrap the whole thing. I think it would be super cool if the D-pad was also modular.

Well, the design I made does have a modular D-Pad system. I have used the official d-pad and the cross type clamp which sits behind it. Ontop of this is a Sanwa spring (cut down) and finally the custom sanwa microswitch mounting plate. Every single one of these parts are easily accessible and can be replaced in a couple of minutes.

sam… Battle Jitni niis a gay!! Aka he’s one of my good friends and I’m glad he got 2 of them from you

Close up shots of the custom D pad stuff?

I kind of want one of those just because they’re so sick.

would love to see a pic of those dpad controls with someone holding it. Don’t get how you’d hold it. At an angle?

etched plexi black. care of tek-innovations, impressive results!
full seimitsu parts. ls-58-01 with ls-56 spring, with a hybrid of PS-14-KN and PS-14-GNC buttons.

Dodonpachi themed, Black Label, refers to the Dodonpachi games. “BL’s” are basically “Super” versions,they are remixes/rebalancing of some Dodonpachi/Cave games… I used Noir layout because its my favorite. Also Black. again, to black label. It’s has button labels for the game’s 3-4 main buttons. both in japanese and english. more pics

Very clean and elegantly simple, hibachifinal… I like it!!!

I love that etching!!! Awesome Job!