Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Well, it’s been a while since my last fightstick… here is the latest:

Bro-Fist for Stainless Steel Rullers.

I believe Mad Catz budget sticks, the SE, TvC and Brawl are the exception not the Rule. I believe that the EL Chepo Hori Sticks, Mayflash, PDP’s Injustice stick (I need to double check) and other budget sticks aren’t intended for a JLF.

picked up a couple of sticks recently.

Finally got hold of one. Namco 1996 Playstation Arcade Stick.
£23 ebay find.
I love this stick, going to give it a run in over the week end.

@b15sdm how much would you charge for a fightpad case with a wii or saturn dpad with happ buttons

I finished with my mod. Installed a PS360+, added a Neutrik RJ45 passthrough, got the stock tournament lock switch and USB port to still work.
And I changed up the art with some help from d3v.

I just got this in the other day after ordering during the MadCatz NCR weekend sale:

I can’t wait to void the warranty on this stick! I’m already expecting a Link from PhreakModz’s successful KS, and I’ll also be getting a Cerberus once they are available again. I’m still deciding what to do with the artwork. I also bought a set of smoke TE sides, although I wish MCZ had the white TE side panels available. If I decide i want white for sure, I may have to settle for the white TE-S panels they sell. Of course, that will depend on what I finally decide to do about the art, because the bezel color I finally decide on (yeah, I want to keep a bezel on it) will obviously affect my decision.

Anyway, I was really hoping that the VS would be part of that sale, but I couldn’t pass this one up, especially since the Noir layout feels comfortable to me. I’ll be sure to update again once I’ve completed all the mods!

I’m excited about this one, because it’ll be the first stick I work on for myself… The only other stick I’ve worked on was a retro Galaga themed build for my Dad’s Birthday last month.


Black label VF4 Evolution?

I thought that game ONLY came out on greatest hits? Wow…

the Stick came with japanese version of VF4Evo

All Greatest Hits titles came out as normal titles first that sold well. So yes VF4 Evolution was originally a Black Label.

Nah, I specifically remember going to the store on launch day and was confused why it was a greatest hits. The Evo edition launched at $20 and was a GH. They never released a GH of the original game. Evo WAS the GH version.

He mentioned his copy was the Japanese version.

Didn’t they have

I need to know where you got that top panel art from.

That is weird. Greatest Hits with out a black label? Must be based on Japanese sales then or as an marketing gimmick.

Probably had the regular version of VF4 go Greatest Hits in the States, so when it updated to Evo, they probably just slapped the Greatest Hits promotion onto Evo and discontinued regular VF4. As far as consumers were concerned, only the hardcore knew Evo was a new version, while the casuals probably just saw new box art.

“Black label” versions of VF4 EVO are either the Japanese or PAL/Euro versions which were not released as “greatest hits”.

So today, after silencing the stick and buttons in my Totoro QanBa, I finally finished putting my Soulcalibur V TE together (bad 'phone pictures incoming)…

(It’s eight button, I know, but my other three sticks are all six button, so this is an experiment in not getting cross while using menus. Also, the Noir layout means the end two buttons don’t get in the way like they do with a Viewlix…)

Smoke TE-S sides very kindly obtained for me by @Kelter Skelter (thanks again) and clear bezel from MadCatz UK.

Fantastic art, based on Warren Ellis’ ‘Nextwave’, from the mighty @d3v (amazing job, sir). Printing, cutting, and plexi from @arthong.

Sanwa JLF & OBSC buttons. Smoke buttons (30mm & 24mm) and ball top from Gremlin Solutions, with clear plungers for the six main buttons and smoke dustwasher and shaftcover from Focus Attack.

On the inside, an octagonal gate and a 3lb spring and 0.5mm oversized actuator from Paradise Arcade to finish off the stick. PCB-wise, a Cerberus from @Phreakazoid for dual-compatibilty (thanks again to @gahrling for recommending the Cerberus - it’s awesomely easy).

On the base, a set of aluminium feet from FA, six strips of wheel-balancing weights for heft, and a replica Donkey Kong instructions sticker and it’s all done.

Apart, maybe, from some LEDs. Hmm…

So, anyway, that means this stick was modded by myself, @d3v, @arthong, @Kelter Skelter, @gahrling, @Phreakazoid, @armi0024, @jmanDMC, and everyone else on here who gave advice. And that is why they put the ‘C’ in ‘FGC’. Thanks again to everyone.

Almost. The regular VF4 sold enough to be a GH, but it was never released as such. Since Evo came out only a year later, it was the GH version of the regular game. I think it’s the only game to have ever done that… but I could be mistake, as there’s thousands of games released on systems that had some sort of GH type thing (Platinum hits on Xbox, for example). There’s no red label VF4, and there’s no black label VF4EVO in the states.

correct, my pal uk is black label

20130511_165726 by anzhar, on Flickr[/details]