Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Finished this some time ago and its based stained glass windows using black, gold and red as the colour scheme. The customer (who owns the Evil Ryu stick) wanted something alot more tournament friendly/practical and lightweight. Full Sanwa buttons and stick[/img]


Got this for 4980 yen just now. lol.

OK, wiring complete and a full functional test on PC & PS3. I think the MK.2 will have 6 buttons, and the home, start, and select moved to the side due to the cramped nature of the wiring, although soldering would alleviate much of that (those crimps are BIG)

More pictures here

I there someone here in the Philippines who can help me with my V3? shops and modding service, i do wanna mess with my stick, thanks!!

I believe someone else tried to point you to the right thread for this question…

You mean this?

dat’s the one!

hello guys ! im from Turkey and meet with my new custom horiscv! hope u ll like it !!

Sam, yet again. Wow…

Hey AhmetSahin

I like the sobriety of it.

Love the color scheme! And maybe it’s because my soldering is a hot mess, but I don’t mind the look of quick disconnects.

whoops ignore this. it went in the wrong thread.

Finished this one some time ago…Here is a Dr.Who theme based on some of the customers favourite cast from the series. Full Sanwa parts hooked upto a PS360+ pcb and Toodles LED controller board.


OMG I must have it!!! WHOvians everywhere are wetting themselves as we speak!

As a British ‘Doctor Who’ fan, ouch! :slight_smile:

That’s great, Sam - although I need to think of something else to get you to make now the TARDIS is off-limits… :slight_smile:

Oh man. After a B15 post its hard not to resign :wink:
But here is my first self made fight stick from Germany.
(Logo and buttons are illuminated but the LEDs were too bright for the camera, so they are switched off :wink: )

like it Sam! will get back to you on the build we have been sorta talking about… heheh…

Nice photos, sir!