Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


@thejapino - Nice use of the original USB connector!


Playdoh003. Actually, the USB connector came from an old card reader. The Lacie was firewire400. As you can see, I like to recycle :slight_smile:


Good stuff. Just like me you have seen the holy light of ribbon cables :slight_smile:


Yeah for sure. The PCB’s are hooked up to a IDC/DB25 plug, if for whatever reason I want to use a different stick case, I can unplug the PCB easily.


awesome japino. waiting to see a sick 24mm stick


my big boys <3


Still to this day I love the VS.
My favorite production stick ever…lol…
Still kicking myself for canceling the order I had for them when they were on sale and available.


We’ll have more VS SH this holiday.


Available for US Purchase? I have a buddy who has gone as far as trying to import a SH just for the art.


Great last page!

That simple B15 is one of the best natural sticks I’ve seen. I don’t care so much for that style, but there is still a beauty to them. It’s just interesting to see Sam’s ingenuity being used on them.


a friendmade shotgun fighstick art mod during absolute battle in dallas this weekend, i helped a bit

PlayStation 4 and PS3 arcade stick compatibility

Much beauty. So style. Many awesome. Halp such inspire.


I’m in love with that stick hibachi!

6 buttin is doge!


Out of all the sticks I’ve seen, none has entertained me more than blazblue doge


Love that stick. LoL. Much funny!




I give you… DaS PaNZeR No. n9ne

This is a Panzer case from Jasen’s customs (made exactly how I wanted).

It’s sporting a


Sanwa Buttons

JLF (with short shaft from Kowal)

Shaft coverless black dust washer from Art

and new diamond ball top.

At first I was going to make EVERYTHING black…again…but this time I left suddle hints of chrome (screws, jlf shaft, neutrik, feet)

I love it!!! I was going to do the whole silent this, and optical that, but I have played with almost everything out there, and nothing really made me better, except practice, so I kept it pretty close to stock.

And finally, I would totally suggest anything Jasen makes. He goes above and beyond to make you happy, and this thing feels very solid. It’s a lot smaller, heavier, denser, and compact than I thought it would be.

It beats out any other case I Have had (even the VS and Tek case, even though those are awesome!!!)

Thanks Jasen!!!


yeah, i was really close to picking up a tankstick, but the $80 shipping killed it lol.

looks sikk


I have never seen a stick speak so much truth.

8-button is indeed, dick.


That Tankstick looks great! Sucks that shipping to Canada is crazy.