Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Added a mount for the wiimote.


My latest creation, hitbox with Gamefinger custom buttons. It’s 24mm thick (less then 1 inch), carries Cthulhu MC and those eyes light up.

looks super sick, but is it actually playable when you have it in your lap? looks pretty unstable, but hell, thats a really really unique and cool layout

It’s quite heavy, plus hitbox type controllers do not require much stability, there’s no stick to jerk around =)

Looks amazing with that panel. are you planning to add a little art or etching on that? I really love the old hrap cases. Im still looking for a HRAP SE, and the HRAP 3 se.

So I FINALLY completed this stick this weekend.
I checked the “Created on” timestamp on the directory on my computer for the design specs, and it says “August 26th 2013”. So stick is about 3 1/2 months in the making, on and off.

Casing is made of solid ABS plastic. I’m a model-builder, so I tend to be more confortable working with plastic than with wood.

Front and back of the stick: All-Sanwa with a JLF and OBSF-30s, with a recessed/flush-mounted Switchcraft RJ-45 pass-through. Side buttons are L1/L2 and ST/SL/H buttons, all black Seimitsu 24mm screw-ins.

Bottom: nothing exciting here. ABS panel for the bottom, and 40mm black aluminum feet.

But you ask: “Why is there a vertical break on the top panel, and what are those little rectangles above the panel?”
I’m glad you asked!

A spring-loaded “button” allows me to stick my finger in there, and pull of either side of the top panel.
The panels are held down with neodymium magnets, and the electrical work is connected via spring contacts.

So a quick little switch and I have a full-Seimitsu MK-panel! (Ok, the MK-panel isn’t a true MK panel; it’s a modified Astro P2 and the colors are off because I just used leftovers)

Project boxes for different PCBs: I have a PS360+ and a TvC-PCB wired already, I have extra boxes for a ChImp (for PSN-PS2 games) and soon an XBO controller (for KI). The project boxes fit inside the casing after you rip off the top panels.

Instead of crimping an RJ-45 plug directly on my 10’ USB cables, I’ve started to make these instead:

And a complete picture of all my optional gear for this stick so far:

I was originally inspired by of this from a stick that @rtdzgn did about a year ago with swappable sectioned top-panels. @mr3mortified (I don’t think the @ mention is working with his username) also recently posted something with swappable full top-panels a few months ago, so his work also drove me to work harder on mine (though mine was already in-progress at the time). Props to you two for pushing me to work harder/faster.

Also have to thank @Digital717 for his tutorial here on painting MDF; while I didn’t end up with a mirror-finish as I would’ve hoped, his tutorial helped me with the polishing and stuff. Not the super-gloss finish that I would’ve wanted, but it’s still not too bad…

EDIT 2019/02/13 Just fixed the images, since Photobucket broke all the old image links.

SICK! always wanted to build something like that. but never had the means or motivation. mostly motivation

that stick is S-tier. might even rival some of the other sticks for GOTY

Well, that might be one of the better sticks this year, FreedomGundam!

I believe you have just won my vote for the Tech Talk award. Amazing. Fantastic work @FreedomGundam !

I finally finished my Tek-Case arcade stick. This one is Ky Kiske themed.

that white looks awesome. what is it called?

It’s called Translucent White.

Are the sides blue?? Looks really good.

Yeah it’s blue, it’s a pretty crappy picture sorry. Might replace the pic.

This is by far the most original and well done versatile fightstick that I’ve ever seen!!!

And maybe is to much to think about it but I would say MCZ or Hori or any other brand/company could copy your sleek design.

Great job FreedomGundam!!!

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my big boys

That VS SH stick is such a beauty! I really want one of those!

Phaedrus, that mod for the TvC stick is very creative! I really like it!

I guess big brands wouldn’t do that cause if they do, they gonna face troubles with selling any new sticks after this model, cause nobody will need a new one, after getting this.
FreedomGundam, U are really awesome.

that hitbox looks really sick. How does gamerfinger buttons feels like?

@LLeg3nd - Much better pic. That thing is d0p3!