Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


Yeah it’s blue, it’s a pretty crappy picture sorry. Might replace the pic.


This is by far the most original and well done versatile fightstick that I’ve ever seen!!!

And maybe is to much to think about it but I would say MCZ or Hori or any other brand/company could copy your sleek design.

Great job FreedomGundam!!!


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my big boys

That VS SH stick is such a beauty! I really want one of those!


Phaedrus, that mod for the TvC stick is very creative! I really like it!


I guess big brands wouldn’t do that cause if they do, they gonna face troubles with selling any new sticks after this model, cause nobody will need a new one, after getting this.
FreedomGundam, U are really awesome.

that hitbox looks really sick. How does gamerfinger buttons feels like?


@LLeg3nd - Much better pic. That thing is d0p3!


FreedomGundam is stick of the year^^^


Actually there very little FreedomGundam can do if Hori or Mad Catz decides to copy his idea. This isn’t the first stick that did this ether retail or custom mod, FreedomGundam just happen to do the mod so well you think it’s a commercial product. Not unless FreedomGundam files for a patent on the design, even then copyright/patent cases take forever in court and are hella expressive.


Why can’t I hold all these sticks? Because they’re too sick and I don’t own your sick mods. (I edited the following statments because they all started with “I love” so I got creative)

The punisher stick makes me ooze jelly and there’s only one question left, when’s MvC4 when frank castle is playable?

Wiimote-mount? Should’ve been stock, that’s slick–very clever.

The only thing with that super stylish thintbox (see what I did there?) is it seems like it would wreck your wrist since it’s so flat and low, I would like to see a design that’s a bit thicker and has a 2DS wedge goin’ on. But holy shit that’s SLEEK. 10/10 would use as a chakram if I get bodied in a tourney.

And then this slick modular stick, I adore it, especially the MK layout option since MK is awkward on a doge layout. Great idea, well executed, 11/10 (+1 for expensive plastic).

Tek-cases always make me drool, they look wonderful.


page 557 is full of hotness.


Im not trying to say that big brands will get some copyright problems with copying that design, but if they do it will be unprofitable for them, cause people wouldn’t buy any other stick after getting this one.


Hate to party crash the copyright movement but any patent would be invalidated by prior art and public domain. I made a similar stick back in 99 that I could swap tag and sf button layouts as well as swap happ sticks similar to this…although mine was more of a frankenstick and not the beauty Gundams is!!! I even made a modular design were the stick and buttons are in separate boxes that snap together instead of swapping panels.

That said, a TE2 (no top panel bolts ftw!!!) That could quick swap out sticks(happ, seimitsu, sanwa, fanta, hitbox, balltop, battop, etc) and separately quick swap button layouts(tekken, sf, Mk, neogeo, etc) would probably be the most godlike stick ever created!!!

That said, Gundam, mad props!!! For a one off custom, you and your stick(s) are freaking godlike!!!


Could? Try should.

That is not only a great stick, but a great proof of concept. If companies wanted, they could use that this year to make the perfect stick for the customer without wasting parts.

Shoot, I’d LOVE to have a stick like that.


@FreedomGundam I had an idea to implement that a few years ago but it never came to fruition. I was very inspired by the ROYDS stick design but wanted to take it a step further (with the same idea you did), having a fully modular stick and button section. I had a few more ideas to put in, but I’m glad to see the innovation put to test and it looks awesome.

Keep up the good work.


FreedomGundam can you show us how you did the modules? I’d love to see how you wired the PS360+.

Also yeah, stick of the year. Fantastic work.


seeing the DB 25 connector, I think it a similar fashion how rtdzgn wired some of his sticks.


Thanks for the great comments guys. I never would’ve expected this kind positive feedback, even to the extent of considering it as a stick of the year? Wow, I can’t re-iterate enough how much of an honor it is to have some of you even think that.

I originally was just going to use this stick as a proof of concept, but I ended up spending so much time on it and I liked the end-result enough that I decided to use it as my main stick. It’s going to come it doubly useful when I gut an XBO controller for Killer Instinct.

I actually already have a full (non-split) top-panel cut up with nothign drilled in yet; I was originally going to make a Hitbox panel as well, but then realized I had no more 24mm buttons sitting around.

One thing I wish I did differently was to make the casing a little bit bigger (in all 3 dimensions): as it stands, the innards are a little tight; the joystick bodies and the Run button on the MK layout are very close to the project box for the PCB. I would’ve liked to make the casing a bit taller and a bit more spaced out so that I would’ve been able to fit Happ/Il parts into it as well.

Thanks for the kind words Markman. As you are one of the most respected stick enthusiasts around here and someone who works in the industry, believe me when I say that your compliments on my work mean a lot to me.

As Darksakul mentioned, it’s just simply connected to the DB-25. The “left half” of the pins of the connector have U/D/L/R/R/L1/L2 and the 8 wires for the RJ-45 output; the “right half” have SL/ST/H/P1/P2/P3/K1/K2/K3; just so there’s a nice split down the middle.
The L1/L2 and RJ-45 wires on the left and SL/ST/H wires on the right go straight along the inner-side of the frame to connect to the appropriate buttons. The wires for the stick and face-buttons are significantly shorter, and just curl right back to the spring connectors.


Modular sticks aren’t totally new, but my God, your implementation of the idea is undoubtedly the most fluid and well-conceived version of it. That could seriously be a commercial product the way you designed it.


That modular stick is boss, extremely clean implementation. Well done dude.


Fabulous work, FreedomGundam, very smart