Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

It would certainly take a lot to get something like that done in a larger format. It could be done though it would just take some forethought how to incorporate everything he’d want and how to scale things back to allow for larger production (ie, PCB boxes and whatnot). I like it though.

It took him a few months to finish. I would still buy one if the price wasn’t too crazy.

Yeah. You two, of all people, would definitely know what it’s like to have a project scaled up for availability to the general public. I was thinking a little about this on my way to work this morning, and there’d have to be a lot of redesigning of many parts just to be able to mass-produce a casing like that. It’s definitely something that would overwhelm a single person working on it. As far as I can figure it, the only real way to ensure something like this could be sped up with consistent results is to get an injection mold made, and I’m not sure even a Kickstarter would be able to cover that, considering the super-custom-stick-community is a niche-market out of the FGC anyways.

It was a few months from beginning to end, but I’ll admit that a lot of that was waiting time: there’d be stuff that I’d order only when I realized I needed it, plus tools that I don’t have necessarily access to on a whim (ie, table-saw and drill-press at my parents’ place).
I started on designs in 3D in mid-to-late-August via Sketchup; I got my chunk of ABS in the first week of September; the stick was fully functional by the first week of November, with the last month (on and off) was just the painting/polishing/finishing of the casing.

@undamned makes a good point. I know if given the chance, I would buy one easily. I’m very impressed with it, and I prefer plastic over wood, so your design just makes it that much better.

Not only did you one-up every modular stick that has been made before, but you one-upped every project box stick that has been made before. I salute you for that.

I have a question. are good GamerFinger (HBFS-30) buttons? I want to try and want to know that you think of them

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Might I suggest by starting with you documenting your arcade stick collection and then having other people write up descriptions of the various sticks (parts, special features, converter compatibility, availability, etc.; some sort of template?). Same thing for converters though this section should be easy as if this site is looking at “Tech Talk” approved then the converter section would, I believe, consist of descriptions of exactly four converters (2x PS2 -> PS3 & 2x PS2 -> 360).

thx and sorry ^^

My TE2:

With the lights and glare kinda hard to see how it really looks. Here is the print:

Love the TE2 with the art upgrade, definitely lovin’ the TE2 chassis the more I look at it. It, like a fungus, has grown on me.

Also, the implications of a modular–injection moulded arcade stick, would cause me to drool if I wasn’t a well adjusted human. So I guess if I was some sort of anthropomorphic (no furry) dog-alien then I would be drooling.

Suffice to say I am excited to see what arcade sticks will be like 10 years from now.

well, look no futher than b15sdm… his MSG stick is from 2025 or some shit, dats high-tech

Bah, nobody would ever mass produce a stick with a sony handheld in it.

A nintendo handheld however…

Think of it, you don’t make it out of pools? At least you can play pokemon until grand finals. Travelling with S/O? They can play pokemon if your charming personality isn’t enough to tide them over during transportation.

b15sdm, this one is free.

what about a fleshlight built into the stick, hiding the lube in the cable shelf… so when you’re at the hotel @ tournaments, you’re set without anyone ever realizing your dirty secret…

e/ this is probably the wrong place to discuss this at, however, i dont think anyone would see such an arcade stick knowing its dirty secret, so here’s a picture of a jazz jackrabbit

Very nice work Cobrakai22. The design you chose fits really well with that stick.

The more I see of the TE2, the more I’m liking what I’m seeing.

sorta hesitated posting this due to the awesome in the last few pages. But i figured i needed feedback/tips more than anything.

Note several things:
-i made this stick mainly for one of my art classes in university, i just needed something simple for an installation piece that I was making.
-it is my first time building something with wood or building an arcade stick from scratch, basically. getting my feet wet etc…

it has a slant ala madcatz FS Pro/hori FE. and some “wings/ears”. dunno why, just felt like it.

here’s a video for somewhat better look

be gentle :0

its art class, of course you should just wing (pun intended) it and make it look nice.

i like the hinges for the easy removal. the wiring is slick, and overall the stick is very nice. its also 6 button, which automatically makes the stick doge.

only thing i can say that looks negative-ish is maybe the fact that the cord hole seems bit too big, idk if its possible to get like something to fill it out so it looks nice

I would not have guessed that was your first from looking at it.

Liking that stain, looks pretty damn clean.

Okay… I added ls-56-01s and some seimitsu push buttons. Along with the new plexis from Art (he was kind enough to cut these custom), I feel like these count as “new” sticks. Trying to go shmup on these ones. Or maybe Neo Geo…